Saturday, November 20, 2010

He is the MAN!!!!

El Tour de Tucson
Today was the El tour de Tucson which is a 109 mile bike race around the city of Tucson. It starts in the heart of Downtown and goes around the whole outside of the city. There are about 9,000 riders in the race tat come from all over. From what I have been told this is the largest bike race in the US. Its a bit crazy for those trying to go anywhere because of the traffic issues 9,000 riders cause but Tucson has been doing it for 28 years so they try their best to make it work. Jason has been training for this ride and today was the day! He left at 4:30am to go pick up a friend and get down to the starting line. He said that by the time it started (7am) he couldn't see where the line of cyclists ended. What an amazing thing to be part of!!! the bike route has lots of hills and hard turns as well as two washes that they have to get off and walk across in the sand. He did an amazing job and We are so proud of him. Here are some fun photos from the day!!!

Adalee was so excited to see her Daddy cross the finish line! She had to take a little nap while we waited to make sure she had enough energy to cheer for him. She was soo good while we stood in the sun and waited.
Tolson is a little too big for his stroller but with all the thousands of people and bikes I didn't want him running around too much. He did great. Got a little bored when he could't find his daddy as we watched bike after bike go by but he was so happy when it was finally his daddy!!!!! Some day I am sure he will be doing these kinds of things WITH his daddy instead of just watching from the sidelines!!!
A Happy man!
A very tired, very happy Jason after riding 109 miles in just under 7 hours! I can't even imagine riding for 7 hours!!! He really is the MAN and I am soo proud of him!