Thursday, July 29, 2010

More baby photo's

Here is the blessing dress that My mom bought for me and then changed it so we liked it better. I am not a big fan of collars on baby stuff and this one had some ugly scratchy lace on it too so we took off the hole thing and just added some cute little flower lace to the neck and bodice. So cute!!!
This is the laundry hamper I found for the baby room and it matches perfectly. Silly I know but cute!

My sister Michelle did this vinyl quote for me to put over her crib and I love it.

and this is the Diaper Clutch I made yesterday. Not professional but I thought it turned out pretty good. I made it a little big so there was lots of room and I could use it later as a hold all bag for when I am just running somewhere quick. Be warned if you are having a baby you might get one of these from me as a gift since I love them and they are not too hard to make! So cute

and Finally this is my new Diaper bag. I bought two and had to decided which one I like best. I liked both of them but fell in love with this one when it came. I might just keep this and use it as a travel bag after I don't need it for a diaper bag. Love it, love it, love it!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

More Baby stuff

So I have been trying to get the finishing touches done on the room and making sure I have everything I need for this little girl to come to our family. Now that I am pretty much done I am very anxious for her to get here!!!!!!! Here are some pictures of the things I have finished lately.

Wooden letters painted pink with brown edging and a few wooden lady bugs.
This is a pot that I already had that was green with a black and red ladybug so I just repainted it pink and brown and made the ladybug to match. It is not perfect but it is very small so was hard to do but I think it turned out cute.

Here is the whole thing. Nothing too special but I thought it was kind of cute!

At my baby shower Carlie painted these cute wooden ladybugs for decorations and then sent them home with me. I re-painted one (just so it was the same pink) and made it into a small bow/clip holder. My sister is going to make a bigger one for me later but I thought this would work for the tiny clips.

and here is a fun pregnancy picture of me at 38 1/2 weeks. I don't have many pictures of me prego so I figured on a Sunday when I was dressed up and looked pretty good I would document how big I really was. Anyway there you go! Hope you are enjoying all the fun baby stuff as much as I am.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

fun few weeks!

OK so I guess I didn't take as many pictures as I thought I did. We have had a fun few weeks here of parties and getting ready for this baby to come.

First was my baby shower. I didn't take very many pictures and my mom (that took some for me) hasn't sent them to me yet so here you go. The only picture I got was of the YUMMY food. Carlie and Brandi sure know how to throw a great party! they did such a good job and everyone had fun. Thanks for the great time girls and for all the fun stuff!!!!!

Next was Jason's SURPRISE 30th birthday party! It was almost a surprise! He is too smart and figured I was doing something and then when we pulled up to the Holmes there were very recognizable cars there so he figured it out but had a great time anyway!
We played Minute To Win It games and everyone had fun. I was in charge so I didn't get very many fun pictures but everyone played and had a good time. Several of the games we kept playing again and again after we had gone through all of them. It is so fun to just hang out with good friends and be crazy and have fun. Thanks everyone for the good time and for Helping celebrate Jason's birthday!!!
p.s. the pictures are Me and Aaron picking up Penne pasta off the table using only a spaghetti noodle in our mouth, and the next one is Carrie and Emily fishing for pretzels with a sticky gummy worm.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Its coming along!

So I am making progress on the baby's room. There are still several things I want to do but for now I am getting there. here are some pictures of what I have done lately.
this is the front layer of the curtains. My sister had ordered a bunch of fabric for her baby room a few years ago and then passed the leftovers on to me. I had just enough to do panels of the polka dots and then had to buy some brown to do the backing.
I picked a light cotton brown so some light would still get through but it would be dark enough in the room. I think they turned out pretty cute!

This is the Lady bug I made (with no pattern) for her. Its certainly not professional but I think its cute. I might add some eyes too but I like it like this.

This is the shelf I painted and the little wooden ladybugs I painted for her room. I have 5 of them and am not sure what to do with them yet but I am sure they will come in handy. Those booties are socks that look like they have ballet shoes on! they are so dang cute.
Well its coming along. More to come and only a few weeks to do it!
oh and we are going to name her Adalee Mae Kempton! (unless she comes out looking totally not like an Adalee and then we will have to figure something out.)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Helping Daddy!

Last Saturday we had a day of projects. Jason and Tolson had so much fun working in the back yard. we are building a fenced in area for the trash cans and yard tools. the welding was all done and now it was time for paint and pickets. Tolson did a great job helping but of course you can give a three year old a paint brush without.....
getting some in his HAIR! Normally no big deal but this is oil-based paint that is made to put on metal so it doesn't come off very easily. We tried to wash it out but no luck. So Sunday morning we gave him a hair cut (which he needed anyway) but there was some all the way to the scalp so he now has a black spot on his head. Oh well he had fun!

they also cut the cedar pickets and screwed them onto the frame. Tolson loved helping Jason bring the wood over and give him the screws. Jason would have him put a screw on the end of the drill and tolson would say ticket please, then Jason would give him a pretend ticket and then tolson would put one on for him. Love his little imagination. I love that my boys love to work together. Jason is such a good dad. I know that these projects would be so much easier and faster if Tolson didn't help but what fun he has doing it and he gets to learn a lot too.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Camping trips!

OK so here are some pictures from our last two weekends of camping. I know I was a little crazy going camping TWICE being 8 months pregnant but hey I love camping. The first weekend was a family reunion with Jason's extended family and the second was my family (parents and three siblings and their families). We had a great time both weekends and loved being up on Mt Graham. Who can argue with 70 degrees, cool breezes and shady trees. Anyway here are some pictures of our fun.

I know they look like beer bottles but one of the treats we enjoy when camping is Henry Weinharts Root Beer. If you haven't tried it, do, it is sooo good!!! Tolson had fun playing with the bottles and making Beer goggles!!!
My sister brought her Quad and the kids had great fun taking rides on it. We camped up from an organized site so we had to go get water and take the trash down and this came in very handy.

Tolson loved playing with his older cousins. They are so good with the little ones and are always willing to help. We roasted hot dogs for lunch one day and the kids had a great time.
These are pictures from the first weekend(sorry they are in the wrong order)

This is Tolson playing with his Favorite Uncle Neil. After camping on the Mt we came down to Safford and had a swim party /BBQ and he loved playing in the water. What a great uncle to take him around and help him swim! They both had a great time!

This is Tolson with his cousin Amulek. They are great pals and loved exploring and chasing bugs. they were taking bread out to the woods to feed the animals. I hope they remember these adventures together.
So that was our fun weekends camping on the beautiful Mt. Graham. It was hard to come back to the heat of Tucson but we will survive (I think) camping and being pregnant wasn't too bad I just had to remember not to wear myself out too much. We definitely ate too much food but we went on a lot of adventure walks and explored with the kids. I have wonderful memories of camping growing up and hope that I can give my kids the same fun adventures! If any of you ever want to get out there and make some camping memories call us and we would be happy to go with you. Happy Camping!!!!!