Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers Day!

Ok so we just got back from Alaska but I don't have any pictures yet so I will post those and talk about that when I get them.

Today is Fathers day so I would like to take a few minutes to talk about my father and then father of my children. I know it seems silly since they wont read this but still I am putting it out there. I love my dad. In church today one of the talks mentioned the theory that anything dad says is true. I believed that my while life, that my dad could answer any question and that he could do just about anything. Now that I am older I know that sometimes he just made stuff up when we asked him something and if he didn't know how to do something he just tried anyway and worked at it until he could figure it out. He was and is a wonderful example of service and always doing what is right.

I love my husband. He is amazing and I am so blessed to have him in my life. He is the best dad in the world. I know sometimes it is hard for him because Tolson is such a mamma's boy but he understands. It will be fun to see him if we ever have a girl cuz I am sure she will be daddy's little girl. I just have to say that Jason is a great Father not only for who he is but for the fact that he didn't really have a dad around much so he has had to look to others fr that example but he has done an amazing job. One of my favorite pictures I have of Jason is one of him holding Spencer right after he was born. it is a back and white picture and you can see one tear rolling down Jason's cheek. I don't think anyone understands what it feels like to be a parents until that moment. He is a wonderful father and I know our children will be greatly blessed from him as their daddy!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Packing for alaska!

OK so really how the heck do you pack for a trip to Alaska in the summer? So people have told me its is still chilly so you have to bring sweaters and jeans etc. then others say oh just wear t-shirt and shorts or capris. Then there is the issue of the cruise dress attire. They say in the book to wear resort type clothing... what the heck is that? and then it might be sunny but it might rain everyday so uggh! what to pack? Despite the fact the we don't leave until Thursday night I will have children three out of the four days this week before we go so I have got to get started. I am very very excited about going and spending time with my family and some with just Jason and I but I think I will miss Tolson terribly.

I went to Michelle's yesterday and we braved Wal-mart (ugh) to get some stuff for the trip and then took turns coloring each others hair. Now I am not one to lie about it but really I do color my hair sometimes and really its just getting it back to the color it used to be before I had kids and my hair completely changed. so yes I colored my hair. I am still hopping to cut it again before we leave so I can look fabulous for all the pictures.

But on to more heartfelt matters, a dear friend of ours passed away this week. I don't even know what to say about it except that my heart goes out to his wonderful wife and family. He lived an amazing life of service and love for his family and all those he met. He was not young but not old either. He has traveled the world and held grand kids on his lap while he reads a story. It is a tragedy that he died so young but it is a blessing that he lived such a full life and that he filled it with the right kinds of things. I think that anytime someone dies it makes me really take a look at my life and what is really important. I hope that I never lose sight of the most important things in my life.

I am grateful for...
1. The life I have been given and the agency to do with it what I want.
2. Being sealed to my husband and family for eternity!!!!!
3. Having known and been included in Walter Holmes Family
4. my health
5. Being able to focus on my many blessings.

Count your many blessings name them one by one....