Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Deep breath

OK so I still don't have a camera to take and post pictures but we are getting one... soon! We had a very fun and crazy Christmas. It was wonderful and tiring and busy and relaxing all in one. Jason sister Robin and her family came to stay at our house which was very fun. Tolson loved having "friends" at our house everyday. He was very sad this morning when he woke up and they were not here and their stuff was all gone too. It really made me appreciate our house and what a great blessing it is. We had Christmas eve at Jason's moms house and had a great time with almost all of his family, everyone was there except one family. : ( We then brought the kids home and put them to bed (late of course) and then we back to moms for the fun wrapping and assembling frenzy that takes place every Christmas eve. WE then got to bed about 1:30 and didn't get up until about 9 when we actually woke Tolson up to open presents. My parents came over to enjoy the joy of Christmas with children and then we had breakfast. we then just hung around for a few hours and then went up to my parents to spend Christmas Day. It again was crazy with small children and lots of food, and again we got to bed late. Saturday was a bit slower but Jason got up early to go play paintball with a bunch of the guys in the family and good friends. I hung out with my sisters and the kids played most of the day. then again on Sunday we went back to Jason's mom's house for Birthday parties. There are four birthdays in his family within a day or two of Christmas. we had a great time and again got to bed late. By Monday I was so exhausted I went to bed at 9pm and slept for 12 hours!!!!!

We had a wonderful time with family and friends and really enjoyed having Christmas morning with just our little family (Grandma and Grandpa were an added bonus) we enjoyed the real Christmas spirit with out little Christmas program on Christmas eve and enjoyed the love shared between siblings and cousins. We are so grateful for all those in our life that bring us so much joy and peace. We are grateful for friends that we include in our family and for family that we count as friends. We are grateful for the Savior and all that his life means to ours.

I truly hope that you have enjoyed that crazy holiday season as much as we have and hope that your New Year will be amazingly blessed!!!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Ok so we had our family pictures done by a wonderful Photographer! (Thanks Michelle) We went to this cool building complex where we had our engagement pictures taken and had fun messing around. here are some of the best ones......

One of the funniest things that happened that day is that we were trying to take a picture of Tolson swinging between us and he slipped off our fingers and landed superman style on the grass. needless to say he was not happy but we were laughing so hard we had a hard time comforting him. I was bummed we didn't get a picture of that!!! It was classic.

No pictures!

Ok so I am feeling like I have nothing to blog about since I don't have a camera to post pictures of the fun things going on in my life. We are finally ready for Christmas ! Got the tree last week and had fun decorating it. Tolson did a great job and hasn't messed with the ornaments since we put them on. He really is getting soooooo Big. I can't believe some of the funny things he says and does. Jason got the lights on the house last night and apologized several times that it is so late. I don't really care as long as they are on. Some presents are wrapped, some need to be bought still but I am feeling very ready. My sister-in-law and her Family are coming for Christmas and are staying at our house. I am very excited about this but am not excited about cleaning my house and not sure how much I will be cooking and cleaning while they are here. Luckily my Mother-in-Law lives about 5 minutes from here so we will be over there a lot.

Other then Christmas coming there is not a whole lot new and exciting from here in the Kempton Kingdom. Still waiting to hear from the Border Patrol and don't expect to hear anything until at least after the first of the year. It will be very fun to see where we are going to end up.

Well I better get lunch made and get off to start cleaning my house. They will be here in one week. Can't wait to see you Robin!!! Hope you all are having fun getting ready for Christmas and not adding too much stress to your lives. That's not what it is all about! Enjoy this time of year, especially if you have little ones. Its so fun to try to see thing through their eyes!! What an amazing world we live in and what a wonderful time of year. Love you all!!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sad Goodbye!

Ok so last Sunday I got released from my calling in Young Women's. (at least that's what I hear, I wasn't there) I have been serving in the YW's program for almost 5 years. I have loved it and will miss it greatly. There is something about being with the youth of the church that gives me strength. They have to deal with so much and are so faithful. They are amazingly talented in so many ways. It is very fun to do activities with them and learn new things. I loved teaching as it gave me an opportunity to constantly be reminded of the things I can do to be better. I am very sad I will miss girls camp this year. (well maybe, you never know) I am going to miss being with them every Sunday and will miss their sweet smiles and hugs. but alas.....

I will get to go to Relief society again and get to actually know whats going on in the ward. I won't have to leave my house every wed night and I won't have to prepare a lesson every week. Don't get me wrong I didn't mind those things I just will enjoy not doing them for a while.

I was not surprised by this release as I figured when Jason leaves for the BP academy I would be released anyway. It will be nice to be home with him every night for a little while before he leaves. For those of you that are not on facebook Jason has finished all of his initial application process and is now ready to be approved for hire and given an assignment. We don't know how soon that will be or how much warning we will have so we are a little nervous about him getting a call and having to leave in two weeks or something but I hope it will be a little more then that. We have been waiting for this for a long time but now that it is closer, its a little scary! (and exciting!!!)

Well goodbye to my beautiful young women and the amazing group of women that I have been able to work with. I hope that you will still say hi to me in the halls and give me hugs and smiles when you see me. I will miss you greatly!