Friday, September 24, 2010

getting older!

Ok so Tomorrow is my 31st birthday! I have two great kids and an amazing husband. I live in a cute little house and drive a fun car. My life is pretty good. I was thinking about what I want to acomplish in the 31st year and have decided I have about 20 lbs I need to lose. ( 10 from having a baby and 10 from before the baby!) So I am putting it out there! I will be doing workouts at home, walking and riding my bike. Anyone who need some motivation and wants to join me is welcome too. During Tolson's preschool I will be walking at Udall since its right next door, but I have been waiting for it to cool off a bit! So there you go! I bought some workout DVD's and have worked out the last two days! I hope I can stick to it. Wish me Luck! and agian if anyone wants to join me please feel free, it always helps to have someone do it with you!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

My little man

I love my little man!!!!!

Really how can you not? He is so stinkin cute and I don't just mean his looks. But yes the dimples, blond hair and bright blue eyes along with that awesome smile just make everyone fall in love with him. but along with that he is such a sweet boy. Lately he has been a daddy's boy which I love but he is still my little man.

His future wife is one lucky woman. Here is why....

He tells me "I love you" several times a day and at random times.

Anytime we are at the store he wants to get some flowers for me.

He loves to (help) cook.

He loves to (help) clean the house.

He always gives me presents.

He likes to share with me

He always wants me to Hold him at night before he goes to bed.

He gets very upset if I cry and wants to make it better.

He gives me kisses when I get hurt.

He is a sweet little boy and wants to make everyone happy and feel wanted.

What wife wouldn't want that. Lets hope I can keep some of the sweet in him until then and those teenage years don't take it away. I love my little boy and Love being his mom. He is such a big helper with Adalee and is always willing to help me with whatever I need, even if its just a hug and kiss. How blessed I am to have such great kids!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Adalee photo update

Here are a bunch of pictures from the last few weeks. Sorry there is not a lot of writing but I like pictures better anyway! Enjoy!
Our little man holding his baby sister for the first time. He loves her!

Blessing day! Don't you love the gang signs!

Nanna Riggs giving her a bath!

First time at church! I didn't have any church clothes that were small enough to fit her yet!

I love having a snuggly baby! So sweet!

Grandma Kempton giving her the first bath! She loved it!