Sunday, September 27, 2009

30 and thriving!

OK so this last Friday I turned 30!!! I kept thinking it was going to be a big deal and that I would feel different cuz you know its 30. But I didn't really! Last weekend Jason threw me a surprise birthday party. It was so fun. I loved seeing friends and family and just hanging out. We had yummy food and played Rock Band. Jason had borrowed a projector and set it up so it was huge on the wall. Everyone brought a yummy appetizer and Jason made a cake. Yes Jason made it. He snuck to his moms house and made a German chocolate cake for my birthday. I love him so much and that he pulled it all off. My sister and her husband came into town from Safford to be there and my brother drove over from the other side of town to be there for me!!!! I have an awesome Family and incredible friends. We stayed up until 12 playing and talking and eating. It was so fun. THEN this weekend Jason and I were able to go "out" of town to a resort in Rancho Vistoso. My parents took Tolson and we spent the day shopping, watching a Movie (Harry Potter - and yes I did like it) went to a yummy Italian restaurant, sat in the hot tub and just enjoyed the day together. It was so fun and so relaxing to just be us and just spend time together. So I had a great birthday!!! It is weird to think that I am 30 but I don't feel old and I am so excited for all the fun adventures ahead of me in my life. Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes and for being part of my wonderful life!!!

p.s. sorry I don't have any pictures! It was a surprise party!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Life in general!

why do I always put a exclamation mark after my title? I don't know but that's just who I am. I have been thinking a lot lately about life. I will be 30 this month and we are still in limbo of what changes may be coming and I don't know, just thinking a lot about life. Its funny how things don't work out how you plan but in the end they are better. I never thought that at 30 I would only have one kid (well technically I have two) but its just weird. I also didn't think that my husband and I would be at the beginning of a career change and possibly be moving. I did think that we would be out of Tucson by now though. We always planed 5 years or less, its been more then that since we got married but still we are close.

I just really am SO blessed. I have such great family close by, I have AMAZING friends that I have so much fun with and learn so much from and I am so in love with my husband and son. I always thought my kids would be about 2 years apart but it has been really nice only having Tolson at home because I can do fun things with him and I get to read to him everyday before nap and bed time. I think as you have more kids it makes it harder to do all those little things that take your extra time. I think it will be really fun to have him be the big brother and be big enough to help out and play with a younger sibling (no I am not announcing anything). I do really hope that we are blessed with more kids but I am glad for how great things have been.

I am just really grateful for all the wonderful things in my life.

Wonderful husband, Cutest funnest son ever, Being a mom
Nice, comfortable home, Cars that work and are paid for
Being able to cook and enjoying it, Green grass in the back yard, Rain in the summer
Great Friends, Having sisters, The church
Jason having a job, Having a healthy strong body
Ice Cream, Flowers, Chocolate

Anyway I am just thinking about all the blessings I have and I know that there is a plan for me and for my little family. I can't imagine going through this life without the Gospel and without the Savior by my side. Sometimes it is fun to look back on life and think about all the fun you had all the blessings and all the stupid mistakes you made. As long as we learn from them then it is all worth it! If we didn't learn anything we weren't looking hard enough!!!

I just wanted to take a few minutes to write about the joys I have in my life!!! I hope that you all can find your joys and hang on tight!!!!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tolson's Birthday!

Friday was Tolson's 3rd Birthday and we had a great day!!!! In the morning he helped me make the cupcakes for the party. He is such a big helper and loves the part where he can lick the beater! (don't we all) This was the before picture, I never got an after one but he was way more covered in chocolate!
We tried to make the cupcakes into car wheels! If you use your imagination you can see it. (kind of squint your eyes and picture a car over them) They were not as cute as I hoped but he didn't care and they were really yummy! They were made with Jr Mints and man were they good!!!!!!

Then we went out to lunch with Aunt Michelle, Morgan and Nana and Grandpa. After Lunch we went to Toy's R Us and played on the toys. He was so cute running from car to car and bike to bike. Right before I took this picture Tolson was in the pink one and Morgan was in the black on. They switched on their own before I could take the picture.

Ok such a boy!!! He sits in the Barbi Corvette and then gets out and looks under the hood. He was messin with stuff and then shut it and got back in and tried to start it! I don't know where he learned that one!!! He is just a boy!!!!

So that evening we had some friends come over for a little party. We played at the park and tried to have cake and ice cream there too but it got too windy! I couldn't even get the candle lit so we sang anyway and pretended! He didn't care he just thought it was cool.

He then proceeded to lick all the icing off of two cupcakes, he didn't even try my yummy chocolaty mint cupcakes! Oh Well!!!

So after a HUGE wind storm started we headed over to our house. (lucky we live across the street) We played and opened presents. We did our families traditional "Heavy Heavy Hang Over" song and bopped him on the head with the presents. He loved it and thought it was soo fun to have his friends there.

Even the adults got into the action!

It was soo fun to have his friends over to play with him and enjoy his birthday! We are so lucky that his friends parents are our friends too so we had fun hanging out and visiting! We are soo blessed to be here and have such a great group of people around us. Thanks for coming and helping celebrate Tolson's 3rd Birthday!!!!
All night long and the next day all he could talk about was seeing his friends again!!!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Ok so I know I have been slacking a little on the posting. No good excuses except well.... no good excuses. I love reading everyone else's posts and seeing whats going on in their lives. Maybe its cuz my life is not very exciting. WE are still in Limbo waiting to hear from the Border Patrol. Jason has a Dr. appointment today to see about his wrists. once we get that in they I guess we just wait some more. Tolson Birthday is Friday and he will be a big 3!!! I am very excited about this and I will have something to post after Friday! We are having just a few friends to the park for some cake and ice cream. I am going to try to be creative and make some cup cakes look like tires and am going to do a few fun little games. We went to the Wal-mart (ugh!!) last night to get his bike and they didn't have the one we wanted. It was not a very fun trip and I HATE going to wal-mart. Those of you in the rest of the country will not understand. I think our wal-mart is the most ghetto, gross, crazy people filled, Wal-mart in the world. Soooo anyway we went to get a cute little tricycle for Tolson Birthday present I had looked at them and wanted to get one but thought it would be fun to go with Jason and get it together. So I got a babysitter for last night and we went and the whole time Jason was just not happy. They didn't have the one we wanted and when we left Jason was like "I hate Wal-mart". Anyway we went to the Hummer dealership and looked at H2's so he felt better. I am still not sure what we are going to do about the bike but I am sure we will find one we like.

Anyway I am getting excited about this birthday! One thing we did buy was underwear for Tolson. I am going to wrap it up and give it to him as a present. I am normally opposed to doing that for kids cuz I think its kind of lame (no offence to anyone that does that, I just remember getting things like that growing up and not liking it.) BUT I am going to start potty training right after his birthday so I want him to be excited about it and I thought if he got it for a present he might be better excited about them. so I guess the trip to wal-mart was productive after all.

well I guess I better stop rambling and get Tolson to bed. I just have to say that I am in love with the blogging world and am so glad that other people are better at this then me! I love hearing about my friends lives and their joys and sorrow and excitement and fears. I am glad to be a part of that and am glad you are all willing to share with me.

I hope you all have a really great day.

Thing I am grateful for today:

1. Brady Gray (he is tolsons brother from another mother)

2. Chocolate

3. Blogs

4. a dishwasher that works well!

5. My awesome Husband who will go with me to wal-mart even if he hates it.