Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Crafty Creations!

So ya know how ya go to a Super Saturday and never get all your projects finished so they sit at home in some corner waiting for you to get to them and then you add some more the next year cuz you never find time to get to the other ones but there are some cute ones this year.... ya know that feeling. Well some friends and I decided to get together to finish the projects that we had started. so here are some of the things I worked on.

I made a pillow case for Tolsons little pillow. I had made him a pillow several months ago and just had this little white with pink flowers pillow case of my grandmothers to fit on it. Sad for a cute little BOY. So he picked out some fabric and I made a new case for his little pillow. He loves it.
These I-Spy bags were from like three or four years ago. I don't know what took me so long to get them put together as it really ended up taking me about 6 minutes each but alas I did it and now I have a girl and boy one for my house.

This was just something I wanted to do recently so it hasn't been waiting around forever. I figured while I was sewing I would give it a go. I bought this maternity skirt a few weeks ago and love it. I had seen several skirts with a tool fringe on it and wanted to try it on this one. I bought some tool for a whopping $.49 and added it to the bottom.

Here is the finished skirt and I love it. Makes it a little more fun and flirty. although I don't know how flirty a maternity skirt can be. I love it and and glad it turned out so cute.
SO we got lots of things done that day. All of mine were sewing but there was lots of painting and cutting and tooling and all kinds of things among the girls. The kids also had a great time running around at the Bedonts house and I am sure made a huge mess upstairs.
Thanks girls for the great time and the opportunity to finish some projects. We will definitely have to do it again!!!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Freezer cooking!

ok so I didn't take any pictures of my adventures in cooking yesterday but I will tell you all about it. My sister Michelle and I have done freezer cooking sessions a few times and have finally figured out some tricks and tips for making it easier. First thing is * Don't do it when you are both Pregnant!* We were both so tired by the end of the day that I was not sure that it would be worth it. We started this time by doing a few things on Monday in preparation for the all day session on Tuesday. I made Enchilada sauce, browned ground beef diced ham and went shopping. ( I was supposed to cook my chicken too but didn't get to that.) So then Tuesday we just cooked and assembled all day. We made Funeral potatoes and added diced ham and frozen broccoli. ( 4 bags full, that will be made into 8x8 in pans full) Then we assembled 5 - 8x8 pans of chicken enchiladas. Through out the day we were making bread in the bread machine to be used for hot pockets. We ended up with 3 ham and cheese, 3 pepperoni and cheese and 6 taco each. We didn't make as much as we wanted but these are easy to do later. We also had a roast in the crock pot all night to shred and make into burros. We of course didn't get to that so we will have to do it later. Usually we end up with about 15 meals. This time was only 9 and I am so glad we didn't do more. It was great. I do love spending time with my sister and the kids played pretty well together. And now I have some ready made meals in the freezer for when I don't feel like cooking.

By the way this is a great thing to give to someone who is having a baby! (this is not a hint for me by the way although I won't turn it away) I know they get meals for a few days after for RS sisters but to have something in the freezer is great. I had a few given to me when I had Tolson and it was sooooooo nice. Just make two of what you are making for dinner and give the other one away. Its not hard at all and it means a lot to the person receiving it! Just thought I would share.

So to continue with my Domestic Goddess groove I am in, now I have 9 meals in the freezer too!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Domestic Goddess!

Ok so whenever I have to fill something out that asks my occupation I put down that I am a Domestic Goddess. I am sure quite a few people have gotten a good laugh out of that title. SO on Tuesday I decided that I should be a little domestic and create some scrumptious treats in my kitchen. Here is what I made....

I found a really Yummy recipe for super moist, sour cream banana bread. It made 5 loaves and man are they good. They aren't very banana-y but they are yummy and soft and light. and they go great with......
Strawberry Freezer Jam. I used a low sugar recipe for this one for several reasons. First I already had a box of low sugar pectin. It takes us a long time to go through these and by the end they are grainy with sugar. and you use a lot more fruit and you get that yummy fresh fruit taste with the low sugar kind. And really who needs to add more sugar to their diet. They were so easy to make and turned out really good.

I also found a recipe for a Strawberry-Orange Freezer jam and oh man I love it. It is very tangy and orange-y but still fresh and yummy like strawberry! This batch didn't make quite as much but it will still be good.

so all in all I made 15 yummy treats for my family and all of them work great in the freezer. The only problem with making all these creations is that mess that I have to clean up afterwards. Oh well I guess cleaning is part of the Job description for a Domestic Goddess.

Easter... a little late

We started off the weekend on Friday when we had Brady and Jessica Come over to help make cupcakes. The boys had such a great time "helping" us and loved decorating their cupcakes.
These are the cute bunnies and chicks that we made. Brady kept insisting that he wanted a marshmallow and then licorice but,then promptly spit them out. I guess you gotta check and see if you still don't like things. They had a great time. We made just a few for examples to have on sat at my family picnic.

We ask the Easter bunny to bring basket to us on Saturday so we can keep Easter Sunday special. We usually do a family Easter Basket so we all can share but this year we didn't really get anything for Mom and Dad but Tolson Shared with us. He had such a great time looking at all his stuff. By the end of the day the grass stuff was spread all over the living room. Gotta love that!
We went for a picnic with some of my family and had lunch and an egg hunt. The kids had such a good time. Tolson loved dumping his candy in to the back of his dump truck. What a cute boy!
The kids all spread out their loot and gobbled it up. Then after that we made the cute bunny and chick cupcakes. They had so much fun playing with their cousins. I guess that's part of what Easter is about. Spending time together and remembering how important it is the we work to all be together forever! I hope that you all had a great Easter.