Sunday, September 2, 2012

First week of school

This week was Tolsons first week of school.  On Monday he was so excited.  Scared too but mostly excited.  They wear uniforms at his school so the night before we got his clothes out and set out his shoes and backpack and he was ready to go. 
 We are lucky enough to live right across the street from the school so Adalee and I walk him to school every morning.  He loves his teacher Mrs De Lara and is excited to be learning Spanish. He is in a dual language program that is designed to help English speakers learn Spanish and Spanish speakers learn English.  If we were to stay here long enough they say that the program has them speaking, reading and writing fluently by high school graduation.  I hope we aren't here that long but I do hope he gets a good start on learning Spanish. 

This has been a great chance to spend some one on one time helping Tolson get ready for school.  He is so ready and I am sure is probably one of the oldest kids in his class.  He is still my sweet little boy and I do miss him a little during the day but I also love spending alone time with Adalee!  She misses her brother and is happy when he gets home (but she does love having mommy all to herself). 
I am exited for all the things Tolson will learn in his school years and for how much he will grow.  I am also excited for him to be able to learn Spanish right from the start.  We love you Tolson and are excited for all the school adventures you will have.