Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This week!

I missed my sunday of e-mails and reading updates so I decided to catch up today! WE spent a wonderfull weekend with friends and family. Friday night we had dinner with some friends and had REALLY good fondue. I am not a big fondue maker but it was sooo good. then saturday we went to safford to be with my neice for her baptism. it was so cute and sweet that she was so excited and nervous. Then we just hung out with family. I made my (famous) enchiladas for dinner and got some cooking tips from my aunt. We stayed for sunday and just hung out all day. It is so nice to be close to family. I am really going to miss it if/when we move.

well here is my list for this week:

1. Family
2. Really good food
3. my husband
4. being a member of Gods true church
5. my parents are coming home soon!

well I hope that you are all having a great week.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

busy week

This week I feel like I have had a zoo of children descend upon my house. I am not complaining! I am just saying that is how I feel. with Jason losing his job it has been a blessing that I have been able to do a lot more babysitting this past few weeks but this week was the busiest. It has been very fun to have friends for Tolson to play with and to see Jason being so cute with the baby I was watching but I am glad that it is Sunday! For those people that have lots of kids all close together, more power to you.

Jason starts his job on Monday but he is not very excited about it. Again I am not complaining! I just want him to be happy. He will be testing for the Border Patrol on the 20th of April so we are crossing our fingers for that. He is working so hard right now and is wearing himself out. I am so blessed to have a husband who will go out and work his tail off doing whatever it takes to keep us going.

well I am going to try to post every Sunday and I wanted to do a top 5 list of the things I am grateful for so here it is.

1. my husband
2. the blessings that come from tithing
3. a park across the street
4. the family and friends that have been praying for us
5. chocolate!!! in any form!

Have a grateful day!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


OK so I have been messing around with this blog thing and I can't quite figure out how to customize it! I am hoping some avid blogger will come to my rescue! hint hint! if anyone has some spare time and spare patients please come to my aid!

in the beginning...

OK so all day I have been looking at my friends blogs and I decided that if I started one I would probably be better at taking pictures and keeping in touch with friends and family. So here I go. Now to start I do want to say that I do not promise to update this everyday or even weekly but I will do my best at posting when I can. I hope you all enjoy it!