Sunday, February 27, 2011


Ok so today in church there were several talks about gratitude. I realized that I have gotten out of the habit of posting my list! so I am going to try to get back into it! I really appreciated the talks. They were very uplifting and to make it even better, I had a sweet baby girl asleep in my arms. So here we go

I am grateful for Tax returns and hard work! with these two things we have been able to pay off ALL of our debt! The only thing we own money on right now is our house! we had collected a small amount in debt over several years and I was tired of having to pay so much interest on it and having another bill hanging over us so we made a goal to pay it off as quickly as possible. so we snowballed our debt (taking the smallest amount and paying the most we could on that one until it was gone then going on to the next and doing the same) It was great. within a few months we had paid off one card and then with selling the piano and a few things we paid off another and then yesterday we paid off the last of it! and now we are FREE FROM DEBT! And if at all possible we will never go back!

Second I am grateful for talents and ambition. Yesterday I started a project that I was a little unsure about. I am attempting to recover the bench swing in the back yard. we got it as a gift several years ago and the fabric on it was really thin so it did not take long for it to rip and fall apart. So when Joann's had a big sale on outdoor canvas I got a bunch and am now trying to re make the bench and top cover/canopy for the swing. I am not an experienced seamstress so this is all guessing but my mother did teach me a few things about sewing and I have made a few cute things that turned out pretty well so I am hoping that this will work too!

I am so grateful for good friends. We have spent time with friends a lot the last few weekends and I love it. I must say I am missing Jessica and Tolson is really missing his Brady (as he says it) today when we woke up to snow he asked me if it snowed all over the world last night. I told him I didn't know but it snowed by our house. He then said well it snowed at Brady's house too! I am sure it did! He loves and missed him. In this I must also include my sister as she is my best friend. I am so glad she is close by so we can spend time together and so that our kids can play too! I just really am so grateful for the good people I have in my life! I can't imagine what life would be like without good friends!!!

and last (for now) I am grateful for Sunday afternoon naps! In fact I am going to go take one right now! Enjoy your Sunday! ( I know I will)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Boogers and Babies!

First I would just like to say... I love the exclamation point! Its my favorite thing to use at the end of a sentence! I use it all the time while texting! and if you notice most of the titles on my blog posts end with it too!!!! its just makes everything so much happier!(in my mind anyway!)

So on to boogers and babies! Right now I have both, I have boogers stuffed inside my head and I have a baby that has boogers coming out of her head! (I also have a little boy with boogers but that's a whole nother blog post) I really don't like having a stuffy nose but even worse is having a baby that has a stuffy nose, can't breath, can't eat well, can't sleep well and sounds like an old smoker, and there is not a whole lot I can do for her. She hates getting her nose even touched so trying to get her to let me wipe, suck, spray or even smear off is a huge challenge! and two days into it she got an ear infection! I hate when babies are sick! Hate, Hate, Hate it! Lets just hope it is short lived and that we are all back to our Booger free selves soon!