Thursday, August 4, 2011

Adalee is 1!!!!!!!

Adalee, From the very beginning you have stolen our hearts! You are a sweet girl with a quick smile! I have loved to watch you grow into the fun little(almost) toddler you are. You are so happy and silly and love your daddy and brother. I love getting you up from your nap and having you giddy to see me ( or to get out of bed but i think its me) On your first birthday I want you to know how much we all love you! So far in life you can crawl, stand on your own, feed yourself (sort of) you say Dada and mama and tatu but I don't think you really know what those mean yet. You love to climb on anything you can find. You like to drive your brothers cars and make sounds for them. You have the brightest blue eyes and adorable smile that make people in the grocery stores stop me to talk to you. Thank you for coming to our family! We love you so much!

Love, Your mama!

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  1. Happy Birthday to sweet Adalee! She really is such a sweetie!