Monday, April 6, 2009


OK so whats the deal with the wind! Oh yeah, its April. I seem to forget that this happens every year. So lets see... Last week was great. I can't remember too much except that we got to see Jason a lot (good and bad) and we got to watch General Conference. It was so nice to just stay home and be with each other while we listened to our Prophet and Apostles teach us and guide us. I love being with my little family. I also got on Face book this week. It is very fun top catch up with long lost friends. Some you do want to keep up with and some you don't! Its fun though to be connected to friends a world away(Australia).

So here is my top five for the week.

Good Health and the ability to keep it that way.
technology - to listen to conference from home
Face book
My husband! yes again!

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