Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter... a little late

We started off the weekend on Friday when we had Brady and Jessica Come over to help make cupcakes. The boys had such a great time "helping" us and loved decorating their cupcakes.
These are the cute bunnies and chicks that we made. Brady kept insisting that he wanted a marshmallow and then licorice but,then promptly spit them out. I guess you gotta check and see if you still don't like things. They had a great time. We made just a few for examples to have on sat at my family picnic.

We ask the Easter bunny to bring basket to us on Saturday so we can keep Easter Sunday special. We usually do a family Easter Basket so we all can share but this year we didn't really get anything for Mom and Dad but Tolson Shared with us. He had such a great time looking at all his stuff. By the end of the day the grass stuff was spread all over the living room. Gotta love that!
We went for a picnic with some of my family and had lunch and an egg hunt. The kids had such a good time. Tolson loved dumping his candy in to the back of his dump truck. What a cute boy!
The kids all spread out their loot and gobbled it up. Then after that we made the cute bunny and chick cupcakes. They had so much fun playing with their cousins. I guess that's part of what Easter is about. Spending time together and remembering how important it is the we work to all be together forever! I hope that you all had a great Easter.


  1. So cute! Glad you had a great Easter!

  2. I like the ideas for the Easter cupcakes. So creative.

  3. I totally love that you "asked" the easter bunny to come on Saturday...I'll have to remember that for next year!!