Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Favorite Boy

OK seriously, Is this not the cutest little boy in the world? Well My world anyway. He loves to get his little Lightning McQueen stool and "help" me in the kitchen. He really could stand for hours in front of the sink "washing the dishes".
Before church on Sunday he wanted to make his own sandwich. Isn't he handsome? (by the way my kitchen s not dirty, just well loved and used)

do you see the absolute joy on his little face. He loves playing and "washing the dishes". Both sinks are full of water and he is having a blast. I know its wasting water but its so hard to say no when its not the TV and he loves it so much.

Jessica and I took the boys to a new park the other day and they had a blast. They usually fight like brothers (and love each other like brothers too) but this day they just played and played. I think we were there for 2 1/2 hours just loving the weather and the nice new park.

SO CUTE!!!!!! What can I say!
hummm I wonder what my little girl will look like???


  1. Your little girl is going to be ADORABLE!! And you're right...Tolson is pretty dang handsome!

  2. Those eyes are dreamy. Sweet little son!

  3. He is a cute little guy. I think the girl will be just as precious.