Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Good Deals!

OK so this was my shopping trip today! I did get a few other essentials but am not including them in this because they were not the great deals I got. OK so here is a list of all that I got.
6 boxes of cereal
3 cake mixes
2 suddenly salads
1 scalloped potatoes
6 cookie mixes
2 frosting
2 chex mix
1 cheerio snack mix
1 bugles snack
1 steamers veggies
1 Trix yogurt
1 delights yogurt

at regular price these items would have cost me $82.34
with my coupons and sale items I spent........$14.34
that's a savings of $68
there are 27 items on the list which makes them about .50 a piece.
now I know that these foods are not the best healthiest foods for our family but when I can get this stuff for free or cheap then I don't feel so bad about buying the good healthy stuff. SO there you go ! My shopping trip for today was all about coupons and sales and it worked and was worth it. Now if I would just take the time to do this every week then I would be in good shape.


  1. Maybe YOU should be doing enrichment, and not me!!! Wonderful job - love it.

  2. Very nice! I've seriously got to figure this all out!!