Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bad Day!

WARNING: Ramblings of a pregnant lady.

ok so generally I am a pretty happy content person! its something I kind of pride myself on. I don't get upset easily and I don't stay that way long. I can usually see the good side of anything or anyone and am happy with life in general. Yesterday was not one of those days. Monday night when going to bed I felt like crying but didn't have a good reason. I didn't sleep well and tossed a turned all night. So Tuesday when I woke up feeling the same way I was not excited. I tried to just get on with the day and figured my day would get better but by 10am I had already felt like crying 3 times. I know I should just cry and get it out of my system but there was no real reason so its not worth the crying headache. I got my tennis shoes on and got to work trying to get the house clean and checking things off my list but never really got over the blues of the night before. This is a very frustrating feeling for me. I am generally very in control of my emotions and being pregnant throws that out the window. Sometimes I think I would rather be sick then feel anxious, scared, worried, grumpy, etc. I know some of you are thinking no way pucking your guts out every day is so much worse. It may be, I don't know but I wonder sometimes. I have really been doing good with this one and have been feeling good... until yesterday. I know there are things I can do and things I can take to help right now but I just hate not being able to just choose to be happy, its frustrating! I love being a mom and I love being able to bring a child into the word to join our family but ugh! anyway I guess I just wanted to put down in words how I was feeling and get it off my chest. Today is a new day and I am going to try to have a good day. I really am so blessed and have so many wonderful things and people in my life. I am thankful for the great friends I have and the blessing of my wonderful Husband and son. I am grateful for where I am in life and for all I have experienced. I know its been a while but I am going to share my list with you again of some things I am grateful for today.

1. my life
2. my husband
3. my health
4. my baby girl (coming soon)
5. good friends

thanks for all the love and support I feel each day. I hope your days are good and that you can choose to be happy.

p.s. you know its a bad day when you can't even make chocolate chip cookies that turn out right. at least they still tasted good!!!!


  1. OH NO!! Wendy, I'm sorry you've been having such a hard time. Please, let me know if I can do anything. Believe me, I know how it is to have those days and if you need anyone to talk/cry to...I am here!!

    Darn pregnancy hormones!! Ugh...what we go through!!! ;)

    Chin up! You're almost there!!! :)

    Love you!

  2. You are one of the sweetest, happiest, most positive women I know. So if you're having a bad day, you must be REALLY having a bad day. The good news is you're the first to deliver, so you'll have your baby girl in your arms before anyone else will. :) I hope this day goes better for you!

  3. Sorry it has been a struggle the last couple of days. I do know how you feel. It will get better soon, I just know it!!!!

    PS. I had a bad pregnancy day once when I burned corn on the cob!! Seriously I had a break down that night, how on earth does someone burn corn on the cob?!?!?

  4. I think in honor of your bad day, you should take yourself out to eat, then get some ice cream, and rent a movie. I mean seriously, this bad day thing is uncommon, so enjoy it!