Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy again.

Ok so I didn't want everyone to worry so I just wanted to post on here that it was only a few days and it passed. I am on top again and feeling great (except being tired all the time and having feet or head in my ribs) We are starting to get a lot of things ready and get a lot done in preparation for this baby girl. and I think we have decided on a name. (if it changes don't be mad) We really like Atalie Mae Kempton not positive on the middle name either but its looking like we will do atalie for the first name. anyway there you go. Getting very excited to meet this little girl!


  1. Very cute name. I love the middle name especially. But I'm bais because that's my middle name.

  2. Oh, I like the name. Beautiful!!! Glad to hear things are coming together. I understand. I felt so unprepared, but friends have been putting all of our baby stuff together and even that puts my mind at ease for the coming of the baby.