Friday, September 24, 2010

getting older!

Ok so Tomorrow is my 31st birthday! I have two great kids and an amazing husband. I live in a cute little house and drive a fun car. My life is pretty good. I was thinking about what I want to acomplish in the 31st year and have decided I have about 20 lbs I need to lose. ( 10 from having a baby and 10 from before the baby!) So I am putting it out there! I will be doing workouts at home, walking and riding my bike. Anyone who need some motivation and wants to join me is welcome too. During Tolson's preschool I will be walking at Udall since its right next door, but I have been waiting for it to cool off a bit! So there you go! I bought some workout DVD's and have worked out the last two days! I hope I can stick to it. Wish me Luck! and agian if anyone wants to join me please feel free, it always helps to have someone do it with you!


  1. I'm soon as I get the ok from Doc. Although, I may not be able to actually work out WITH you all the time, but we can keep each other motivated and check up on each others progress!


  2. You can do it. I won't be there in person, but I would like to loose 20 pounds too. So far the motivation hasn't been there.