Friday, October 15, 2010

sad saying good bye

For the past 3 years Tolson has had a buddy that was his best friend in the world. Tomorrow they are moving to Nebraska. He doesn't really understand this idea and I have not had the heart to explain it to him. (I am very very sad too, but that's for another post) These two boys have been like brothers. They play and laugh like brothers and they fight like brothers. It seems like almost everyday Tolson asks to play with Brady. They have had so many good times together.
They have had several "Campouts" together. This week Jessica and the kids were staying at our house for a few days and we made a tent for the boys to sleep in. ( I didn't get a picture of it though) they have so much fun together its hard to sleep!
They were playing the backyard and having a ball! What a team huh?

We went to the zoo with a whole bunch of friends and they had a blast. After we were done, we rode the train one last time together. Sad sad day! They loved it though!

Usually after the zoo we go around the park to over by the ball field. There is a little outdoor workout place there and some Ramada's. We take our lunches there and let the kids play on the equipment. They love it and there is never anyone else there. As you can see they were having a great time.

This picture has nothing to do with Brady but the sad face was just so cute! I don't even want to think about how sad he will be when he really figures out that he can't play with Brady any more. WE are hoping to plan a trip to meet up with the Grays (at Disneyland, ssshhhhh). I am so grateful that my little man has had such a great friend. I hope that they will be able to stay friends over the years. And who knows maybe they will be in the MTC together or something!!!! We are going to miss you Brady!

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