Monday, December 20, 2010

November in Pictures!

OK so I started off the month with a gonga deal! with my coupon magic I got all this ( minus the canisters) for $5.26. I don't do this very often but when I do it is so fun!
Tolson and I built this Chinese tower in honor of my parents. We have so much fun playing games, building with blocks, making cakes in the sand box and just hangin out!

Boys will be boys! Gotta love the dog in the back! We had a lot of fun with cousins this month.

Adalee bundled up with her cousin Holly during a cold day at the park.

Jason hanging out with the babies! Adalee and Cody are exactly one month apart. can you guess which one is older? (they are cousins)
Tolson and Morgan Playing in a tent with the zoo animals. We have built lots of tents in our house lately! This is one of my favorite memories as a child so I am happy to assist with the building of tents whenever possible!
So that is our month in a nut shell! We had a lot of fun at Thanksgiving with some of Jason's family coming to visit! Its so fun having family that you feel so close to. I am so grateful for my family! All of them! I am so blessed to get along with and have great relationships with my siblings and my in laws (on both sides) I came from a big family and I married into a big family! Thanks for all the love and laughter!!!!!

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