Tuesday, March 15, 2011

8 wonderful years!

OK so I don't have any pictures from our wedding on my computer so I guess this will have to do. 8 years ago today Jason and I were married in the Mesa Temple. The day before Jason was so sick and was not sure he was going to make it(to the wedding). I was a little worried but we got him up to mesa and hoped for the best. The next morning we went to the Temple, took pictures (best idea ever) and got married at noon. I don't remember a lot about that crazy day but I do remember the feelings I had as I knew I would be with this man I loved forever. We had a fun reception that night and danced and laughed like kids. Spent a wonderful week up in the snowy mountains and began our life together. Now 8 years and three kids later we are even more in love and still make each other laugh.
Thank you Jason for 8 amazing years. You really do make my life the wonderfulness that it is!

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