Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fun weekend

OK so I am not sure how long I will last here today but I feel I have been neglecting this lately so I am here to attempt. I pinched a nerve in my back this morning so I am sitting here trying not to take deep breaths and move as little as possible. I have been laying down all day so I am ready to be up for a little bit.

This weekend was fun. We got Jason's papers sent in to the Border patrol so now we wait again. It has been three months already and we are really just still starting so I am sure it will be a while. I am getting kind of excited about all the possible changes that may be coming. WE don't know where we will be assigned for the first year, we don't know when we will be going north or where. we don't know if and when we will need to sell our house and a lot of other stuff in between. so our life is very up in the air right now but I feel really good about it. I am sure as time goes on I will get a lot more inpatient. so anyway we got the paperwork off on Saturday ($17 for copies and $20 for sending it later) now we wait. BUT when we got home on Saturday night and checked the mail there was a letter saying that he is scheduled for a oral board interview on Monday the 27th. so that is very exciting. He will do the interview then they schedule him for the physical and medical exams and then we wait for the background to go through and then we are in. Its scary to think that when he goes to the academy I will be alone for almost 6 months. I know I can't complain and I shouldn't but that is a long time. I know some of you military mothers out there are saying 'yeah right, that's nothing" but I am sure I am going to have a hard time of it. I am tough though so I will survive!

Well this week I am so grateful for ...

1. A husband that is willing to carry me and wait on me when I am hurt
2. A son that loves his mom and dad ans tells us all the time
3. Usually having a healthy strong body
4. Progress toward our future
5. Friends with a pool that let us come over!!!

Have a great week and don't sneeze when your back is twisted

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