Thursday, September 10, 2009

Life in general!

why do I always put a exclamation mark after my title? I don't know but that's just who I am. I have been thinking a lot lately about life. I will be 30 this month and we are still in limbo of what changes may be coming and I don't know, just thinking a lot about life. Its funny how things don't work out how you plan but in the end they are better. I never thought that at 30 I would only have one kid (well technically I have two) but its just weird. I also didn't think that my husband and I would be at the beginning of a career change and possibly be moving. I did think that we would be out of Tucson by now though. We always planed 5 years or less, its been more then that since we got married but still we are close.

I just really am SO blessed. I have such great family close by, I have AMAZING friends that I have so much fun with and learn so much from and I am so in love with my husband and son. I always thought my kids would be about 2 years apart but it has been really nice only having Tolson at home because I can do fun things with him and I get to read to him everyday before nap and bed time. I think as you have more kids it makes it harder to do all those little things that take your extra time. I think it will be really fun to have him be the big brother and be big enough to help out and play with a younger sibling (no I am not announcing anything). I do really hope that we are blessed with more kids but I am glad for how great things have been.

I am just really grateful for all the wonderful things in my life.

Wonderful husband, Cutest funnest son ever, Being a mom
Nice, comfortable home, Cars that work and are paid for
Being able to cook and enjoying it, Green grass in the back yard, Rain in the summer
Great Friends, Having sisters, The church
Jason having a job, Having a healthy strong body
Ice Cream, Flowers, Chocolate

Anyway I am just thinking about all the blessings I have and I know that there is a plan for me and for my little family. I can't imagine going through this life without the Gospel and without the Savior by my side. Sometimes it is fun to look back on life and think about all the fun you had all the blessings and all the stupid mistakes you made. As long as we learn from them then it is all worth it! If we didn't learn anything we weren't looking hard enough!!!

I just wanted to take a few minutes to write about the joys I have in my life!!! I hope that you all can find your joys and hang on tight!!!!!!

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