Sunday, September 27, 2009

30 and thriving!

OK so this last Friday I turned 30!!! I kept thinking it was going to be a big deal and that I would feel different cuz you know its 30. But I didn't really! Last weekend Jason threw me a surprise birthday party. It was so fun. I loved seeing friends and family and just hanging out. We had yummy food and played Rock Band. Jason had borrowed a projector and set it up so it was huge on the wall. Everyone brought a yummy appetizer and Jason made a cake. Yes Jason made it. He snuck to his moms house and made a German chocolate cake for my birthday. I love him so much and that he pulled it all off. My sister and her husband came into town from Safford to be there and my brother drove over from the other side of town to be there for me!!!! I have an awesome Family and incredible friends. We stayed up until 12 playing and talking and eating. It was so fun. THEN this weekend Jason and I were able to go "out" of town to a resort in Rancho Vistoso. My parents took Tolson and we spent the day shopping, watching a Movie (Harry Potter - and yes I did like it) went to a yummy Italian restaurant, sat in the hot tub and just enjoyed the day together. It was so fun and so relaxing to just be us and just spend time together. So I had a great birthday!!! It is weird to think that I am 30 but I don't feel old and I am so excited for all the fun adventures ahead of me in my life. Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes and for being part of my wonderful life!!!

p.s. sorry I don't have any pictures! It was a surprise party!!!

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  1. 30?!?! I remember when my mom turned 30!!! Haha. Love you Bird! You are an incredible woman, and I am so glad we are friends! I hope this 30th year brings answers to your long awaited questions about what life would have you do! Love you