Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tolson's Birthday!

Friday was Tolson's 3rd Birthday and we had a great day!!!! In the morning he helped me make the cupcakes for the party. He is such a big helper and loves the part where he can lick the beater! (don't we all) This was the before picture, I never got an after one but he was way more covered in chocolate!
We tried to make the cupcakes into car wheels! If you use your imagination you can see it. (kind of squint your eyes and picture a car over them) They were not as cute as I hoped but he didn't care and they were really yummy! They were made with Jr Mints and man were they good!!!!!!

Then we went out to lunch with Aunt Michelle, Morgan and Nana and Grandpa. After Lunch we went to Toy's R Us and played on the toys. He was so cute running from car to car and bike to bike. Right before I took this picture Tolson was in the pink one and Morgan was in the black on. They switched on their own before I could take the picture.

Ok such a boy!!! He sits in the Barbi Corvette and then gets out and looks under the hood. He was messin with stuff and then shut it and got back in and tried to start it! I don't know where he learned that one!!! He is just a boy!!!!

So that evening we had some friends come over for a little party. We played at the park and tried to have cake and ice cream there too but it got too windy! I couldn't even get the candle lit so we sang anyway and pretended! He didn't care he just thought it was cool.

He then proceeded to lick all the icing off of two cupcakes, he didn't even try my yummy chocolaty mint cupcakes! Oh Well!!!

So after a HUGE wind storm started we headed over to our house. (lucky we live across the street) We played and opened presents. We did our families traditional "Heavy Heavy Hang Over" song and bopped him on the head with the presents. He loved it and thought it was soo fun to have his friends there.

Even the adults got into the action!

It was soo fun to have his friends over to play with him and enjoy his birthday! We are so lucky that his friends parents are our friends too so we had fun hanging out and visiting! We are soo blessed to be here and have such a great group of people around us. Thanks for coming and helping celebrate Tolson's 3rd Birthday!!!!
All night long and the next day all he could talk about was seeing his friends again!!!!!

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  1. We had SO much fun! Tolson is such a cute little guy! Glad he had a great birthday!