Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Worst Day/Best Friends!!!!

OK so yesterday was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day! I woke up in the morning with the signs I was getting migraine. It starts with me loosing spots in my vision. I got up and took a shower and went down stairs to wait for Emma to get here. When she got here I turned on the TV ( i know, i know) and went back up stairs to lay down. She is very mellow in the am and was fine to just sit and watch. then Tolson woke up about 9:30 so I got out of bed again got him down stairs and got him something to eat. then went back up to bed. this is hard to do knowing you have a 2 and a 3 year old running loose in your house but at this point there was nothing I could do. My right arm was numb and my face was tingly! I know weird but I have seen a neurologist and he said its normal. So i decide I need to get up and see what I can do. Sometimes when I drink some caffeine it makes it settle down a little in my head so I did! and boy was that a mistake. now I was feeling horrible nauseous and had a pounding headache...... and in steps a friend. Allison had seen on facebook that I was getting a migraine and called to see if she could come and get my kids. I feel bad about this cuz I am getting paid to watch Emma so I hate to send her off to someone else. But alas I let her come and get them, then I crawled (literally) up the stairs into my dark room and got under the covers to try to sleep for a few hours. Still feeling sick and having Mt Dew in my veins I had a fitful bout of rest but it was dark and quiet so it helped. I woke up around 1pm and called Allison, only after much insisting, she brought the kids back and we played for a bit. Then I took them to my sisters and they played with her kids while I sat on the couch and talked to Michelle. By 2:30 I had mustered enough energy to get off her couch and head out the door to the Dr appointment that I had already scheduled and could not miss. On days like this I really wish I had dark tinted windows. driving all the way to the UofA was not fun, but I made it and I survived.

By the end of the day my head was not going to explode and I thought I would survive the day without loosing my cookies. My husband was wonderful and did his best to take care of me. another wonderful friend called and brought over dinner for us so I didn't even have to cook. and yes the dishes are still on the table but I don't care. I survived with the help of some guardian angels.

Well now that my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day is over and I lived I am glad to face another day and see how much I can get done. Thanks again to my wonderful friends, husband and sister for helping me get through that!!!!!!!

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