Wednesday, February 17, 2010

lots of stuff

ok so I am not sure what order exactly I am going to do this but there is a lot going on and I am actually remembering to take pictures now with my fun new camera so here you go!!!!!

A few weeks ago we decided that it was time to put Tolson in a big boy bed. It was red and scratched so we painted it. Well being red we had to prime it and them paint it a few times to get it all covered. Jason made a tall wooden stand thing to hang them from and we got to work. we sanded them all and then got to painting. it only took one day but then we left them out to dry and it rained so then we had to wait for them to dry again!

but they did and Tolson helped us wipe them all off and get ready to put them together. He had so much fun helping put together his "little bed" as he calls it.

We got it all screwed on and put together and he loved it. he always loves to help "work" with dad and fix stuff. He is definitely his fathers child. using tools and working on projects is his favorite thing!!!

so he slept fine the first night and has had no problems since then. I wasn't sure how he would act in the morning now that he could get out of his own bed but he just sat in bed and called for me to come and get him. I think I scared him too much with his crib telling him that if he tried to climb out he could fall and get hurt so now he won't get out of bed without mom telling him he can. kinda funny huh!!! anyway so that the story of the new bed!!!

On Saturday before Valentines day I went with my parents and niece and nephews to a Chinese New Years celebration at the Chinese Cultural Center. My parents will be going to China for a year to teach English so they wanted to show the kids some of the fun things they will see and do there. We had a great time. they had food and dancers and some dragon dancers, games, a jumping castle and lot of fun things to see and do.

at the end they had a table where the kids could make a tiger mask or fan (its the year of the Tiger). Tolson and Sydney had a great time coloring and playing with their stuff. Tolson made a fan and thought it was a stop sign (its a hexagon) so he was telling everybody to stop and holding up his sign. luckily everyone thought it was cute instead of obnoxious. We all had a great time.

Well there you go. WE have also been trying lots of new stuff lately. Tolson had his first icee yesterday and painted for the first time. He is at such a fun age and I love playing with him and hearing his say "daddy I want to play with you" after dinner every night.
No news on the Border Patrol or the baby. I have an appointment tomorrow and then a big Sono on the 4th so we will see then what it is! Hope you all are doing well and that you are healthy and happy!
And as always, I Love comments!!!!!!!


  1. Yay for big boy beds. What part of China will your parents be in. My sister and her family live in Dalian. She said that half of her branch there is people who are there to teach English so I was just curious.

  2. Glad that Tolson is doing so well in his big bed!! How fun! The Chinese Celebration sounded fun! Glad you were able to go! I can't wait to hear about your dr. appointment tomorrow! Hope is goes well!! I can't believe you are having the BIG sonogram on the 4th! That seems so soon! How exciting...hopefully the baby will cooperate and you will be able to see if a boy or girl will be joining your family!! HUGS!

  3. Tolsen is so funny!! He always makes me laugh. Let us know when you find out about the baby. And we need to get together again soon. Love you guys!!