Friday, February 26, 2010

New Car!!!!!

OK so yesterday Jason comes home and says " Do you want to hear something funny? The check engine light just cam eon in your car!" The reason this is funny is because he is driving my car because his car is not registered cuz we cant get the check engine light to turn off and get it through emissions. we have tried everything we know how to do (and almost $600) and it still won't work. (by we I mean Jason) SO now we have to work on my car too. Happy times for us. At least I can be really grateful that my husband knows how to and is willing to work on our cars. WE also have friends and a brother-in-law we can call for help and advice when we need it. Its a bummer that both of our cars are well over 10 years old and both need work but they have been paid for for over 5 years and I am so glad for that. I think the time will be coming soon that we will need to replace one of them with a newer more reliable family vehicle so we have been looking.... a new cars. Here are some we like.

We are usually a Nissan Family but I really like this Chevy Avalanche! It seats 6 comfortably and it can also carry stuff in the back with a covered bed you can lock stuff into and it tows a lot so when we get our camping trailer we can pull it fully loaded. They are really nice inside and don't cost an arm and a leg. (just an arm) This is what I really want. and I love this color too!

This is a Nissan Armada! We like these cuz they are big and can carry a lot of people and stuff. they can fit 7 plus have some room behind the seats for a bit of stuff. They tow a lot and are a nice ride. the third row folds flat so you can keep it in and still use the space in the back. A cousin has one and loves it. (I don't think there will ever be 7 of us so it seems silly to get one of these but we will see.)

The last is the Nissan Pathfinder. These are nice and not too big. They still have a third row so you can fit a few more people if needed and/or stuff. I have liked these since I was a teenager and have wanted one for a while. The questions is if it would be smarter to get the armada because they are about the same price and have about the same features one is just bigger then the other and has more towing capacity!
SO there you go. I am sure you all don't really care but it is fun to dream! I am hoping that our cars will be fixed soon so that we can have a good car for me to use while Jason is at the BP academy. I would love to take some road trips and see friends and family.
Well I hope that you are having a good car day and want to say thanks to the Awesome friends that have and are letting me use their cars while mine is being used to keep that family income coming in!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!


  1. I LOVE looking at new cars! I always dream. Fortunately, our cars are still in decent shape so we won't be needing to purchase one any time soon...hopefully!

    I like all those that you mentioned. The Avalanche has grown on first I did not like them at all. They looked funny to me! But they don't look so strange anymore!

    Good luck getting your cars running. Let us know if there is anything we can do!

  2. I am sorry to hear about the car situation. Not fun!!! Ours is currently down and in the shop for two weeks so I am sporting a rental for that long - good bye tax return. Glad it came in in time for us to fix the car and before the baby comes or our rental would have been much more expensive. My cousin has an Armada as well as a couple of friends up in Queen Creek. They all LOVE them. We aren't huge truck people, but I know you and Jason are. I personally would go with the Armada over the pathfinder, especially if they are about the same price. Good luck with everything!!!! What is the word on Jason's getting on with Border Patrol? It was good to see you on Saturday!!