Thursday, July 22, 2010

fun few weeks!

OK so I guess I didn't take as many pictures as I thought I did. We have had a fun few weeks here of parties and getting ready for this baby to come.

First was my baby shower. I didn't take very many pictures and my mom (that took some for me) hasn't sent them to me yet so here you go. The only picture I got was of the YUMMY food. Carlie and Brandi sure know how to throw a great party! they did such a good job and everyone had fun. Thanks for the great time girls and for all the fun stuff!!!!!

Next was Jason's SURPRISE 30th birthday party! It was almost a surprise! He is too smart and figured I was doing something and then when we pulled up to the Holmes there were very recognizable cars there so he figured it out but had a great time anyway!
We played Minute To Win It games and everyone had fun. I was in charge so I didn't get very many fun pictures but everyone played and had a good time. Several of the games we kept playing again and again after we had gone through all of them. It is so fun to just hang out with good friends and be crazy and have fun. Thanks everyone for the good time and for Helping celebrate Jason's birthday!!!
p.s. the pictures are Me and Aaron picking up Penne pasta off the table using only a spaghetti noodle in our mouth, and the next one is Carrie and Emily fishing for pretzels with a sticky gummy worm.

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  1. It has been a fun couple of weeks! Great way to keep busy so the last few weeks of waiting for your sweet little girls arrival goes quickly! So much fun!!