Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Helping Daddy!

Last Saturday we had a day of projects. Jason and Tolson had so much fun working in the back yard. we are building a fenced in area for the trash cans and yard tools. the welding was all done and now it was time for paint and pickets. Tolson did a great job helping but of course you can give a three year old a paint brush without.....
getting some in his HAIR! Normally no big deal but this is oil-based paint that is made to put on metal so it doesn't come off very easily. We tried to wash it out but no luck. So Sunday morning we gave him a hair cut (which he needed anyway) but there was some all the way to the scalp so he now has a black spot on his head. Oh well he had fun!

they also cut the cedar pickets and screwed them onto the frame. Tolson loved helping Jason bring the wood over and give him the screws. Jason would have him put a screw on the end of the drill and tolson would say ticket please, then Jason would give him a pretend ticket and then tolson would put one on for him. Love his little imagination. I love that my boys love to work together. Jason is such a good dad. I know that these projects would be so much easier and faster if Tolson didn't help but what fun he has doing it and he gets to learn a lot too.

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