Sunday, January 16, 2011

Crafty Me and Blog hopping

Ok so lately I have been in a very crafty mood, not quite sure why but non the less I am. So I have been doing a lot of crafty blog hopping. I am not really a crafty person by nature. I can craft but have a hard time coming up with ideas on my own. So I love that there are so many crafty people out there willing to share their talent. I have so many crafty blogs that I go to all the time to find fun new ideas. Here are a few of the things I have ben doing lately.

I discovered these silk flowers and have been dying to try them. My sister and I get together this week and had so much fun. these were just from some scraps of fabric we had on hand. I can't wait to go to Joanns and find more. Think of the possibilities!!!!!!! These arn't all put together yet, just layed on top of each other but they will be soo cute when they are done.

Ok so this one is not really crafty but fun. I have a powder room downstairs in my house that is the main bathroom for guests. I sort of copied this idea from a friend but I am going to decorate this bathroom for all the holidays! I just think it is a fun space and I can do fun things with it. so for Valentines day I hung some sun sparkely hearts from the ceiling. I try to buy one new little thing for decorating my house (for each holiday) every year. This year I made this -->

It was an idea I was for a Christmas ribbon tree and I thought "Hey I could do one for every holiday if I wanted" I thought it turned out very cute. pretty cheap and easy too!
So now it sits on my fun plant shelf in my entryway.
Like I said I am not really a true crafter but I try and sometimes it works!! I am making some really cute leggings out of knee-high socks for Adalee so when I get them all done I will post those too! Its so fun having a little girl I can make things for! Sorry Tolson but there really isn't as much cute boy stuff out there!
I would love to know what crafty blogs/sites you guys follow or get your ideas from!!!


  1. Such CUTE stuff! Love it all! You'll need to show me how you did those silk flowers! Adorable!!

    I went to JoAnn to get stuff for that garland tree I told you about, but didn't get anything for it...DUH! I'll just have to make another trip...Wanna go together???!!

    Also, since you're crafting...can I buy another couple of bracelets from you for miss Taylor??? The one she has is getting too small!!

  2. I have been quite crafty lately too.....too bad I wasn't there and we could craft together! :( I seriously miss you! I have a long list of crafts I want to do and an even longer list of craft sites I have saved in my favorites. If you find Tip Junkie on Facebook, she does an update everyday and features different craft sites and ideas with links and free downloads and tutorials. Oh, and I saw that ribbon tree and wanted to do it too! Miss you and love you!