Friday, January 7, 2011

I have a Question!!!

Ok so my little man has started into the question phase. I have heard of this phase in a child's life and even had small doses of it but have never REALLY experienced it. Tolson has entered that phase. Jason has been working a LOT this week (as of the end of the day Thursday he has worked 58 hours and will probably work two more full (10 hour) days before the week is out) Soooo I have been at home with my children a lot this week. So we have been going on walks and playing/working in the backyard, cooking, cleaning, etc. tolson has been very curious about everything. For example we will be in the back yard and he will ask "What is Dirt? Where does it come from? Why is it different then this dirt? " So I answer and then he will ask " what are you doing?" (this seems to be the questions of the day) followed by "Why?" I try to answer the best I can and explain thing so he can understand them. I am really glad he is learning things and wants to know about everything... but sometimes at the end of the day when you have had no other adult contact and your 4 year old has been asking questions all day and following you around asking the same thing over and over... well lets just say I was a little exasperated!!!
Well Last night Jason was home for dinner and tolson was starting in on his questions. Jason kept saying ok take two bites and then you can ask another question. I was just laughing! Now you know how I feel! I know its a phase and he is learning and I am so glad! He is such a cute little boy! and I love that I can be home with him and be the one to answer his questions!

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  1. "I love vegetables! I'm a vegetable-eating girl! Because vegetables are good for you, they make you healthy, huh? Ya, I am going to be strong, see look at my muscles...that's because I eat my vegetables, and chicken. Chicken makes me strong too and I need to be strong so I can grow up to be a mom. Because I need to be a mom, huh? Like you, huh, mom...ya I'm going to have babies and when I do I can make bottles for them and pick them up, but only when I'm a mom, huh. Ya. Cause then I'll be bigger and then I can pick babies up. But not right now, because I'm not big enough yet, huh? Ya I'm a good vegetable eating girl, I love vegetables and horses! I love horses! When I'm a mom I'm going to have horses, ya, cause I love them, um hm....."

    I could go on, but I'll spare you!!

    I totally understand! I'll trade you Tolson for Samantha!! ;-)
    Gotta love it!! It makes me smile...just not always at the end of the day!!