Sunday, May 20, 2012


Ok so I know it had been a few weeks since my weekly update so sorry about that. I went to my sister Ida's one weekend and then last weekend was mothers day so I enjoyed being spoiled, but I am back!

Last week we got Tolson registered for school. He will be in the dual language program at the school which I am very excited about. They teach half the day in English and half in Spanish and they have it set up so that the ESL kids can learn English better and the SSL kids can learn Spanish better. I am really hoping tat the few years we have down here will help Tolson really pick up the language. He was very excited about getting registered for school until he learned he needs a TB test (they kept calling it a shot) and now he says he doesn't want to go. Hopefully he will live!

Here is the fun we had this week. (well as much as I can remember)

I don't really remember what days we did what so I am going to just tell you all the fun we had. Tolson started preschool this week. I met this super nice gal here that does a preschool in her home. She just moved here in Jan so she doesn't really know anyone and only has one other student other than her own daughter. She really want to get more for next year but doesn't really know very many people. (she is not BP or LDS) She offered to have Tolson come for May and June for half the cost if i would please share with my friends about her school. So tolson went and had a wonderful time. Its only one day a week right now and he wants to go everyday!

We went to the pool probably 3 times this week (once inviting his teacher and her kids) We LOVE our pool. Its a splash pool with lots of kid friendly features. Two different parks and the library once. We also went to story time at Chick-fil-a. Jason started working the midnight shift so he gets home about 9am and goes to bed. I try to get the kids out of the house for the morning so he can have it quiet, so we venture to lots of random places. We drove through downtown this week and it is like we are in puerto pinasco. But it looks like there could be some fun shopping down there. I am not sure I would go until I learn a bit more Spanish but maybe when mom and dad come we can go. (maybe)

Anyway our life has been different with this shift change but not as hard as I thought. Jason is up about 3 or 4pm and plays with the kids and helps with dinner. We put them to bed and then he takes a nap until he has to get up and get ready for work. I like it! I get to see him for several hours during the day and get the evenings to myself!

So nothing really exciting to report. I am full swing into my calling in Primary. We have several positions that aren't filled so mostly I am running around asking people I have never met to come help with nursery or teach a class, but its good! I actually feel very adequate here. Most of the members are young in the church and don't have a lot of confidence in themselves but its fun to help where I can and try to take them by the hand and help them along.

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying life. I am sad I will miss my nephews arrival home from his mission but I will hopefully see him next month when I come. 

Until next week!

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