Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Picture time!

A cool dude in Hummer jammies and some red sun glasses!

The library had a story time "graduation" for the kids which I admit is weird but still a fun party.  they had little hats, goodies bag with a new book in them and a certificate for each kid.  They fed them lunch and read a story and did some songs.  The kids had fun and got a free book so no complaints from me!!! 

Seriously so cute!  She is such a fun a goofy girl!  We love the little girly girl she is becoming with her obsession with shoes and all!

We have been searching for a Laredo TX post card to send to friends and family but cannot find any so we decided to make our own.  We found this cool landmark thing at a travel center outside of town.  So some of you may be seeing this in the mail soon!

Tolson also wanted to take a picture next to the water fountain so here it is!  Love these crazy kids of mine!!!

While visiting the Ewings this past weekend, Adalee got into Delaney's room and found her makeup.  I must say at least she put it on her face in sort of the right places.  If she was going for the clown look she was spot on!!! 

We had a good week!  got new carpet put in the apartment.  has story time graduation and then took a fun weekend trip to San Antonio to hang out with Ida's family!  We love living close to them and will be very sad when they leave us in a few months!  Oh well!  See you all next week! 

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