Sunday, June 3, 2012

Another weekend Trip!

This week(s) at the Kemptons....

Soo I guess I should just call this a semi regular posting as I have not been great about getting it done every week. Last weekend we went to Ida's and had a wonderful time so that thru me off for my sunday afternoon of compiling this letter. Two weeks ago Jason worked midnight shift for almost 11 days in a row and then he got three days off and went back to day shift. During the three days off we headed up to Ida's house to add to her chaos and hopefully distract her from it for a while too. We got there thursday night, put the kids to bed and went our for pie. Friday we got up and headed to the zoo. Rory stayed home from school to go with us and we had a great time. We had to take a break in the middle to go deliver meals on wheels with Ida (which was fun) and then went back to the zoo for a few more hours. What a great zoo. I posted a bunch of pictures from our trip on facebook and will probably put them on here too if you want to see them. We sort of skipped lunch so on the way home we stopped a Freddy's. It was GOOD! We had frozen custard sundaes and french fries. We will have to go there again for sure! Friday night we made a quick dinner and then went to the temple. Geoffrey couldn't find his recommend so unfortunately he didn't get to come but we went and had a great time anyway! With Jason being gone for 5 months and then moving and everything we hadn't been in a while so it was nice to go (and to have free babysitters). Saturday we got up and headed to Canyon Lake. It was a great cloudy day for the most part and we rented two boats. A little speed boat and a pontoon boat. We didn't ski but got a big tube to ride on behind the boat and we all had a good time. After returning the boats we let the little ones play on the beach for a bit and the moms sitting on the sand got a bit too much sun. We all had a great time and the kids slept very well that night. Ida, Jason and I of course made a trip to our favorite FroYo place and enjoyed some yummy frozen treats. Sunday we went to church and then after lunch headed out to the Japanese Sunken Gardens. They were built in an old query and had some huge koi fish. We walked around for a bit and then road the train around Brakenridge park. It was a great Sunday afternoon and a wonderful weekend.

After having a weekend like that its hard to remember then little fun things we do during the week. We have started having play group here at our awesome splash pool every week and this week since school got out we started a potluck lunch there too! What fun. I am really loving meeting so many nice people here and having friends for my kids. I still miss seeing Michelle almost everyday and having my close girlfriends back in Tucson (you know who you are) but I am still enjoying our new home. I went to a girls night out on Friday which was very fun but still not the same!  I am sure it will eventually feel like home here but for now I am missing Tucson.

In other news our TV died this week. We bought an old Wii from a friend and had just bought wii sports when it died. Not having a TV is not that big of a deal but when its 105 outside every afternoon its harder without one. So we went TV hunting this weekend but decided we will just take Ida's extra one she offered us and wait to buy a new one until later. We also got some MORE fish. We didn't get gold fish this time and have been treating our tank for the ick that the other fish had. We got some cool zebra dannios and hope they will live longer this time. We are not naming them (since we can't tell them apart and they are too fast to see well) so we wont get too attached in case they die too. (we don't have a great track record). But they are fun and I hope we can get some more cool fish soon.

We love you all and miss you! I am so glad we are close to the Ewing's for a short time and am secretly glad their assignment is only 2 years so they can come back soon. I am VERY excited to see my sisters soon and those I will get to visit while stopping in Tucson. I hope you are all doing well and not melting like we are!~ Thank heavens for the pools here!

Until next time (whenever that may be) - Wendy

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  1. I totally know how it feels-having fun with new frineds but missing your old ones! :) Especially since you are one of them! Miss you and hopefully we can plan a trip to Texas sometime to see you when we visit Lauren. Anyway, glad you are having fun and not melting yet! Miss ya!