Sunday, April 29, 2012

Oh Happy days!

Monday- Went to story time and Chick-fil-a and the kids had a great time.  Adalee did not like meeting the cow though at the end but Tolson was in there doing the hocky-pocky with it.  We had fun and then went grocery shopping.  I forgot how good the chicken nuggets are there!  I might have to go every week to story time!

Tuesday - So today we were supposed to get the house papers signed and notarized so we could Fed-ex them to AZ so the buyers could sign and close on Friday.  I was a stress case today!  Not really sure why but I really was!  We went to the Library for story time and Tolson got his OWN LIBRARY CARD!  He is very excited about this!  Anyway, then after stressing all day we went to Jason's FTO's (Field Training Officer) house and his wife did the Notary on our stuff.  They were super nice and told us about some other fun local places to eat. 

Wed- I went first thing and dropped off the papers to Fed-ex and was done with it.  Then about 15 min later I realized I had forgot to include the checks I needed to.  Not to worry our awesome realtor (and friend) saved the day for me.  Then we went to Playgroup at our park and then we all went to the pool when the kids (and moms) got too hot.  What a fun time we all had!  It was hot but a nice breeze cooled us off.  I am really starting to love these awesome ladies here!  We are all here away from our families and they are so welcoming and loving and real!  I love that about them! Its great! 

Thursday - There wasn't much to do today so we went to the store and got some new fish!  5 this time.  They are smaller goldfish and are all different so we named them.  BFF (for black fin fish), Paleface (he has a white face and tummy) Black spot/blackfin, White tale and  Holey Poley fish (he has a little hole in his tale).  They are doing great so far so we will hope we can keep this bunch alive!   

Friday - THE HOUSE CLOSED!!!! we no longer own our home and it is a happy and sad day!  I am so glad to be done with all of this and sad at the same time that we don't own our cute little house anymore!  We loved that house and all that happened in it!  All three of our kids were born while living there.  We had several different jobs there and so many memories with friends and family!  We will miss our little house on Emberwood but will always have the memories. 
Saturday - What a day!  Jason went on a bike ride on a new trail ( I guess they are all new here)  and met some other riders he might go ride with again.  Then we went to a park close by for a friend's sons birthday party!  It was great  they had a jumping castle with a slide that Tolson loved! and we got to mingle and Jason got to meet some of the awesome ladies I have been able to become friends with.  Then we left there and came home to put Adalee to bed and Tolson and I headed to the pool for another birthday party!  This one was a bit more low key and fun just hanging out with a few friends.  It was a fun exhausting day.

Sunday - We got to speak in church today and I got a new calling.  I haven't been sustained or set apart yet so I can't spill the beans but I am excited!  I think our talks went well.  When we got there I was laughing because it said on the program "youth speaker by invitation"  and I thought great we might have 1/2 hour each.  Turns out we got about 15 min total between the two of us.  It worked out fine and was good for me to have a reason to really study one of the general Conference talks.  We took naps and had a great easy quiet Sunday.  We invited out downstairs neighbors to dinner and had a great time visiting while the kids played!  A great way to end a fun week. 
 p.s. 3 out of 5 of the fish are dead already!  I guess we are not very good fish people! 


  1. What is the hocky pocky? I have heard of the hokey pokey. Is it similar? ;)

    1. um... yes very similar except done by a person dressed up as a cow dancing with small children!