Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ramblings of a Hot Mama!

Ok so really you all can blame Ida for this being bi-monthly because I keep going to her house and when I do it throws me off for a few days. So...

Week before last we went to the Ewings for a few days to help them sort through rooms and get things ready to pack. Ida also helped me sew my first quilt. She had left over fabric from Rory's quilt so we made a matching one for Tolson. It was so much fun and we got a lot done too. We did our normal things monday (recover from Sunday, clean up a bit and grocery shopping) then tuesday we had playgroup at the pool again where I discovered that my beings asked to help with girls camp means that I am the District Camp director (more on that later) and Wed Tolson had preschool. Adalee and I packed us up and we left straight from preschool to head to San Antonio. The drive really is not too bad and we can get to Ida's house in about 2 1/2 hours. The kids do great and we are there in no time. We had a great time!

We came home on Saturday afternoon in just enough time to get the kids bathed and into bed. Sunday morning was church where this month I am teaching the song Nephi's courage to the kids. They are having fun with it and I have been trying to work on the piano music for it so that I can play with them (we don't have anyone in our branch that plays, well we do have one senior sister that plays during sacrament meeting but is not available for primary) anyway its fun trying to teach them while using a CD but we get by. Anyway after Church the primary presidency went to go deliver some paperwork for our kids parents to fill out and to give them some information on changes we are making to our primary. We got to go to some interesting parts of town and we were glad that one of us speaks fluent spanish. What an adventure! at one of the houses I could have tripped and fallen into mexico if I wasn't careful.  It was a bit scary being three white, nicely dressed sisters driving a big SUV down to some of these areas but we survived and got most of the families visited.

This week we again recovered from our trip as well as trying to get ready for our trip this next week (be prepared you probably wont hear from me) nothing too exciting. Pool again for playgroup. We probably have about 10 families coming and the kids have such a great time! We also had a branch fathers day potluck thing on friday at the ranch of a member. It is fun to get to know more of the people in our branch. Saturday Jason had a daddy day with Tolson (which is becoming a tradition here) and Adalee and I went out together too! We had a fun day ending at the pool and daddy going to bed early (he started midnights again for the next week). Besides having blond hair and blue eyes people would think my kids are natives because they are soooo dark skinned.  One of these days I will take a picture of them and post it on here so you can see just how dark they really are!!!

Today I got to conduct the primary kids singing in sacrament meeting "My Dad"! I have not been the one teaching them this song and have not even been in the room much while they practice ( I am out begging for subs to help us) so it was a little scary trying to conduct the 10 kids that showed up to sing. They did great although I am not sure you could hear anything but me singing. Oh well it is done and now I can say I have done that!

So on the camp note, a month or two ago when we were speaking in church I mentioned something about camp in my talk and afterwards the district YW president came up to me in the hall and asked if I would be willing to help out with camp. She said it was not an official calling but was wondering it I would be willing. I of course said sure and we left it at that. Well, this week at playgroup we were talking again and she said we need to start thinking about themes for camp. Our camp is in March over spring break since we can't go past the checkpoint and its too hot to do it down here in the summer. Anyway she told me that she is so excited to have me as the District Camp Director!!! I guess after helping with a stake camp of over 200 people, 50 should be no big deal right? Well at least I have 9 months to work on this!!!! Wish me luck though!

We do love it here and are glad for the experiences we are having. I am exited to be going "home" next week to Az and to be with my sisters! What a nice cool break that will be. I hope you all are doing well and that you are having a great summer!

Until next time (whenever that may be),

Love, Wendy

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