Sunday, July 22, 2012

Our fun visitor

I hope you all arn't getting bored with these journaling type posts but this is how I keep track of what we are doing and the fun adventures we are having here in Laredo.  I will try to do better at my picture updates too!  I hope you had as much fun as we did this week....

Ok so we started off this week (well actually ended last week) with driving to San Antonio on Friday to pick up Rory. Ida and I made it to the Temple for a quick initiatory session and had a good time trying to help get things ready for her Garage sale on Sat. Sat morning Tolson Rory Adalee and I headed out. Rory said in the car "this is going to be the best car ride ever" (I am not sure that the car ride lived up to his expectations but we made it home) We got home in time to have dinner gets baths done and head for bed. Sunday the kids enjoyed church and we had a quiet relaxing afternoon playing with legos and watching our kids favorite Sunday movie The Happiest Millionaire. Monday it was cloudy and not too hot so we headed out to the big playground in our apartments. The kids had fun pretending it was their fort and sending the monster trucks down the 3story slides. tuesday we went to the pool for Playgroup and Rory thought that it was the best pool ever. They splashed a swam for several hours enjoying a break from the heat. The afternoon was spent relaxing and playing Wii. Wednesday we went to the mall to see the kids summer movie Dolphin Tale and play at the play place inside the mall. The kids loved the movie and Rory gave his mom and dad a play by play on the phone after so I think he liked it too. It was cute! After the kids played at the play place for a while we rode the double decker merry-go-round and then headed home. After lunch and a nap for Adalee we went to Chick-fil-a for dinner and play time. While we were there it started to blow and rain but the kids thought it was great. When we left it was still raining and the boys started running and dancing in the rain. We went the the store and when we got out it had stopped. They were sad it stopped but still got to jump in some puddles. Thursday we went to the pool again enjoying it as much as we could and then in the afternoon the boys went with uncle Jason to Lowes to buy a saw. They had to have their "Manly Time" and had fun doing it. Friday we went to our friends the Browns so I could work on a project for Primary while the kids played. Then friday night we had a little pizza party. They each made their own pizza and we watched a movie and had a living room picinic complete with popcorn and cookies. Saturday we went to the church for our District Pioneer day celebration. They had breakfast, a parade for the kids and then games outside. It was very hot but at the end some of us had a water fight so it cooled us down a bit. I think that was the boys favorite part. Then we played wii had dinner and did hair cuts. The boys like having pretty much the same hair cut but Rory wasn't so sure he wanted it as short as Tolsons. They have had a great time and I hope they remember it for a long time. I am so glad that we lived close for these past few months and that these two little boys could get to know each other better. I am also so glad for the time I have been able to spend with Ida! She is an amazing woman and such an example to me! I am going to miss her but I am so glad I have been able to spend so much time with her over the last 5 months.

This next week is going to seem kind of boring without Rory here! I don't think I can compete with having a cousin stay with us! I hope you guys are having a good week too! I would love to hear whats going on with you all! (hint hint)

I love you all! - Wendy (and family)

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  1. Yay!! I am glad you got your Wii working and so glad that you have had family near you even for a little bit! I need to update my blog too! Maybe today.... Love ya!! :)