Friday, October 16, 2009

Potty Training Time!!!!

Ok so On Wednesday I started the official Potty training. It has been three days and so far is going pretty good. So many people said that it was sooo hard and yes it is but I guess I expected it to be a lot harder and so it hasn't been to bad. ( kinds like the glucose test when you are pregnant) anyway he is doing really well and doesn't want to put his pulls up on at night even cuz he likes his big boy underwear. He only had two accidents on Thursday and so far today (granted its only 10am) no accidents today. As you can see in the picture I covered the couches with towels and the floor with a blanket. Yes there is a lot of Orange in this picture. Tolson has decided that he likes to pick out his own clothes so i let him and I guess at least I can be glad they are in the same color scheme. oh well so there is the latest update on Tolson and the potty training. I hope that it keeps going well and that I will soon have a fully potty trained little boy. Wish me luck!!!!

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