Friday, November 6, 2009


ok so I have no pictures but maybe I can find some to add to this.
I have lots and lots of dreams, most of them may seem worldly but it is the intangibles behind them that I want the most!
Owning an SUV
Hybrid camping trailer
Sapphire ring for Spencer
No Debt
To actually decorate my house
New bedroom set
A weekend away with my hubby
Going back to Australia
Taking Jason to New Zealand
Biking down Haleakala in Hawaii with Jason
Doing a BIG 12 days of Christmas for someone who needs it.
Lasik and laser hair removal ( totally worldly, sorry)
Taking Tolson to Disney land
Letting Jason buy the Truck of his dreams
A full CutCo set of knives
Nice New pots and pans
A huge walk-in Pantry
Many Many more......
These are just some of the fun things I would love to have or do. It may seem silly to post them all here for the world to see but here they are. I have been thinking a lot about them lately and how to accomplish some of them. I do not want them all at once and don't worry I won't go into huge debt to get them. (one of them is to get out of debt!!!!) I hope that sometimes you stop and thing about your dreams.
If you don't have something great to look forward to, then its hard to see past today!

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  1. What great dreams! Hold onto them, you'll get 'em! I've got a pretty big list myself! It gives me some of the hope and excitement I feel for the future! :)

    You're an awesome person! Love you! :)