Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Funny Tolson!

OK so last night I was telling some friends a funny thing that Tolson says and they told me I need to put that on my blog so here it goes.

We potty trained Tolson last month and he is doing great. While you are in the process of potty training you look for any kind of clues if they need to go so that you can catch it before it ends up being a mess. So while potty training Tolson if I ever heard him toot I would ask him if he needed to go potty, to which he replied "no mom I just pop"! I have no idea where he got that from except that it sounds like a bubble popping so he just figured that's what it is so that's what I will call it. So now all the time when he toots he will say "I pop mom!"

Oh the funny things that kids say!!!!