Monday, November 16, 2009

Yard Sale!

Ok so this past Saturday we had our very first Yard Sale! I have never done one and have not been to many. Jason is on our HOA board and suggested we do a neighborhood one and that he would do all the signs and advertising etc. He has been pretty busy the last few weeks so I ended up doing most of it. I am not complaining at all I am just saying! we have been gathering stuff to get rid of for a few months so we had a good stuck. I wish we would have sold more but hey I made over $100 so I can complain about that either! I had to go around to the other houses to tell them that a donation truck would be here after we were done to get whatever we didn't sell or want. That was not a good idea cuz I ended up spending $20 at other peoples houses. I bought a cute train set (well 6 Thomas cars) that I am very excited about for Tolson for Christmas and some Razors (I know, at a yard sale?) for Jason! (our awesome neighbor and her sister are coupon queens so they get really good deals on stuff and then re-sell it for cheaper). I did the yard sale with Jessica and we had a great time. She came over Friday night and we made Pizza and sorted and organized all our stuff. then we just hung out on Saturday while people shopped our stuff. at the end of the day we still had lots of stuff so we sorted through it and made a donation pile (a big one!!!) and put it on the curb. about an hour later I had a lady ring the door bell that didn't speak any english and ask me if an item in the pile was for sale (well her daughter asked me) I told them I was just getting rid of it and they would have whatever they wanted. They took EVERYTHING out there. They didn't even look in the boxes to see what it was before they loaded it in the truck. oh well maybe they will get something from it. it was just funny! anyway it was very fun and now I have some Christmas money to shop with on Black Friday!!!! I am excited about this Christmas as it will be very fun to see Tolson get really excited about his presents and the whole season! I hope you all have a fun Christmas and enjoy getting ready for it.

p.s. my camera Broke :( so I won't be posting any pictures for a while!!!

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