Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Car Update!

ok so we didn't buy a new car but Jason has worked on them a lot and got them up and running (sort of) He worked and worked on the truck to get it working and ready to pass emissions. He finally got the check engine light to go off so he took it to do emissions right away, it finally passed but them we couldn't renew it online because he had gotten a ticket. so we had to wait until Monday and go take it in to the MVD. but alas we got it done and he can drive it again. ( the check engine light came back on on the way home for the MVD but he is registered so we will worry about that later!)*sigh Now with my car we are heading to safford this weekend to have my Bro-in-law help us replace the CV boots and ball joint. should be fun!!!! Thanks Jessica for letting us use the Jeep! You are WONDERFUL! I have to say though we are having car envy from driving a nice new clean car instead of our old ones. oh well someday we will get a newer car!!!

so there you go, cars on the mend! now for the Sonogram tomorrow I will see if I can somehow get some of the pictures on here so you can see our little one in the making!!!!!


  1. Yea! So glad you got the truck to pass! Hopefully you'll be able to get the car fixed too!

    Good luck at your sonogram! Can't wait to hear how it goes!!

  2. What a relief to have your cars fixed. One step at a time!

    We have a scanner, so come on over. I'll load the pictures of the sonogram on to a CD for you and you can load them on here!

  3. Glad the car situation is getting better. Can hardly wait for the confirmation that it is the girl. It would be so fun for you.