Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Camping on Mt Graham

Ok so some days I feel like my life is in limbo. I don't have a whole lot going on or a lot to report so I feel like my blog is kinda boring. But at the same time its really just for me and whoever want to know whats going on with my life. So really It doesn't matter right?

Well this weekend we went camping (pictures to come later) It wasn't real camping as we were staying in a cabin with running water and a kitchen etc. but it was still in the mountains and still fun. We went to Mt Graham (over by Safford) with Jason two cousins and their families. there were 6 adults and 7 children in a little one bedroom cabin. it was very fun but a bit noisy at times. Tolson had a very rough night the first night (which means of course that I did too) He fell asleep on the bed I was going to sleep on so when we got ready for bed we moved him to the floor. well about 12:30 he woke up and freaked out cuz he didn't know where he was and where mom was. SO I tried to settle him down and had him come onto my bed with me. Well Tolson has NEVER slept in my bed or with anyone else before so he would not fall asleep. I tried everything I could think of until about 3:00am he fell asleep laying on my chest/tummy. well then I had to figure out how to move him off me and next to me without waking him up and find a way to still sleep on this twin bed. So needless to say I didn't get much sleep the first night. Poor Jason was awake the whole time I was trying to get Tolson to sleep so he was tired too. WE survived and then the second night we gave him benadryl. Now I am not a drug parent but sometimes you need your child to get a good nights sleep and this was one of those times. I think Jason cousins thought I was terrible but I don't really care. He slept well and so did I . That night two of the little girls that were with us took turns screaming and crying throughout the night. I felt so bad for their parents cuz we were all in the little cabin and they were doing their best to get them to be quiet but you can only do so much with a two and three year old in the middle of the night. SOOOO minus the sleep factor we had a great time. We just relaxed and played cards and eat really yummy food. I love being in the mountains and not having a lot of distractions. We went to go visit my sister who was camping up there too and just walked around and looked at the creek and the flowers and trees and it was so fun. We really want to get a little travel trailer some day so that we can go camp in the woods and still have some of the great comforts of home.

So we had a fabulous weekend and love spending time with family. Jason and his two cousins spent a lot of time together growing up so they are really close. Their wives are great and we all get along which I love. I hope that when we move we can still try to keep in touch and spend dome time together every once in a while.
Well I hope that you all had a great weekend and are loving life. I look around each day and am so grateful for all that I have been blessed with in my life. we may not have the nicest house or all the "things" that we want but we are happy and healthy and we have wonderful friends and family around us!
Hope you all take a moments to look around and see the small stuff in life that really is the big stuff!

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