Sunday, August 23, 2009

Progress in the Back Yard!!!

For those of you that saw our backyard as a barren wasteland you may be surprised to see all the green. Yes we have grass now! I know we are crazy for wanting to grow grass in Arizona in the summer but it worked and has not been too bad either! We are making progress on the master plan for the back yard so I thought I would fill you all in as we go along.

The pile of block in the back corner will someday be gone but for now ... well there it is! But look at the grass! Yes this is in Tucson folks! Isn't my husband amazing!!!!

We had our first casualty of the project...a broken rake. It was on its way out anyway but we helped it along. oh well I am sure there will be more.

SO this is that start of the path that will go from the porch all around the grass area. Jason worked on it on Thursday night for a few hours and got about 10 feet done. He is amazing and I am sure it will soooo awesome when it is all done.
On Saturday we were doing a little work out there mowing and picking weeds and cleaning out the sand box and we needed to trim the edges of the grass. We don't have a weed wacker so I used the scissors and trimmed it all by hand. Now you may laugh but I was glad I could do something to help. The backyard is Jason's domain (as is the garage) but I want to help so I don't feel so useless. So I got the scissors and went all around the edge and trimmed. It wasn't too bad but we went to Home Depot (Tolson's favorite store) and looked at edgers/trimmers that afternoon. It seems we will have to add to our tool collection as we continue on this project, which I am sure Jason wont mind at all. WE are excited about what it will look like when it is all done but it will be a lot of work until then. We have been waiting for the weather to cool off a bit and then we will really get going! I will keep you all posted.


  1. LOL. Scissors. Next time, give us a call. We have a weedwacker that you can definitely do. =) With that said, I am sure it felt great to be able to help. I'm sure Jason appreciated your efforts, as well!

  2. Your yard looks amazing! I can't wait to see the finished project! If we had a yard that we were able to landscape we'd definitely give Jason a call! GOL. . . .scissors!! :)