Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fruit Pizza Flopp!!!

OK so I said before that I was not really creatively inclined! Here is the evidence.

I tried to make a fruit pizza on Sunday and I failed miserably. I make the cookie dough from scratch and rolled it out onto the pizza stone leaving a bit of an edge so it would expand. Well I guess I didn't expect it to spread so much. I went to check on it and it was dripping over the edge and onto the bottom of the oven. Soooo I put a cookie sheet under it to see if I could still cook it enough to use it.
SO the cookie sheet caught a lot of it but the stuff on the bottom was still cooking/burning and every time I checked on it smoke filled the house. I should have taken a picture of the bottom of the oven after I took the cookie sheet off. It was horrible. And I don't have a self cleaning oven!!!! So needless to say I did not make a fruit pizza! Alas I will try again!


  1. Hey next time just do it in your jelly roll pan and it won't go off the edge :)

  2. If at first you don't succeed....skydiving is NOT for you!! :) You'll get it. I probably would have done the same thing! Now I want to make one! We should attempt together! :)