Sunday, August 23, 2009

Childrens Museum

Family Home Evening this week was going to the Children's Museum down town. We met the Grays there and Tolson and Brady had a great time. Tolson wasn't a big fan of the dinosaur room but liked everything else. It was a great time.
Tolson and Brady Had a blast playing in the Fire truck!

They loved being together! I swear these two were best friends in the pre-existence!

They played in the submarine for like 20 minutes. They pretended they were driving it and loved pushing all the buttons and spinning the dials.
Tolson loved the Train room! He is a big fan of trains and thought it was so cool to ring the bell. This is looking down through a tunnel that was the front engine of the train.
We had a great time and love watching tolson play and explore! Its especially fun when he has a great buddy to go with. Thanks Brady for being such a good friend!!!

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