Monday, March 15, 2010

Fun weekend!

ok so I was looking at my blog thinking that I should post something new....but I couldn't think of anything fun to write about. Duh I had a wonderful weekend with my sweetheart.

SO today is our 7th wedding anniversary! It is so weird to think that we have been married that long but yet 7 years is not that long compared to many people and to how long I hope to be married!!!

This past weekend we ran away together. I wasn't sure if we should do it because it always ends up costing more them I want and Money is always tight and ya know if we are going to go I want to do it right and have fun and not worry about money. SO we got a pretty nice tax return and with Jason (hopefully) leaving soon we decided that it was important that we go. SO I booked us a room on Priceline for a great resort in Scottsdale for a great deal. We took Tolson to Grandma's house and left on Friday at about 5ish. We weren't in a hurry (which we usually are when we go to the Temple) so it was nice just to drive and not worry about what time it was or anything. We stopped at In-N-Out on the way and had a yummy fast dinner.
We got up to the Scottsdale Plaza Resort and Spa to check in and felt kind of silly in our old boring car. (Driving in Scottsdale you see lots of luxury cars. ) anyway we went to check in and I saw that we were in a room with two double beds. I asked if there were any king rooms available , it was our anniversary and I hoped we could get a king room. The guy was kind of grumpy and said that he would look. He took his sweet time and then said that he found one for us. When we got to the room we discovered that he had put us in a Villa. It was so nice. WE just hung out and relaxed all weekend. We did some shopping and went to the Temple, hung out by the pool and ate yummy food and just spent time being together. It was so nice, we didn't want to come home. But alas we did. Now we are back to reality but feeling refreshed and still very much in love.

I am so glad that I found a wonderful husband to spend my life with. Thank you Jason for a wonderful 7 years! Our life has been so blessed and I know that the best is yet to come. (if anything can be better then what we have.) I LOVE YOU!!!

Tell someone you love them today!!!!


  1. That does sound like a nice weekend away! Glad you got to enjoy some alone time.

  2. SO glad you had a good and fun trip! You definitely deserve the time alone! Happy Anniversary to you two!