Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Helping Daddy!

Tolson loves to help his daddy! If you ask him to do anything and he doesn't want to, if you then ask him to help daddy he will get all excited and run to go help.
Here is Tolson helping daddy work on the car. He would ask everyday if he could help work on the car or truck. he just puttered around while Jason worked and thought it was the best thing ever!!!!!
This is Helping to dig some trenches in the back yard for our landscaping project. he loves using his dump truck to move the dirt and using a little plastic shovel to fill it up. He really is a big helper. What a joy he is to have in our home! Just thought I would share on some of the fun.


  1. Such a big helper. I am sure he will be a wonderful big brother once he gets his sister here too!!