Sunday, April 1, 2012

Skip Ahead... not catch up

Ok so for those of you that don't know ( if anyone even still check on here) We moved. I haven't posted anything since August and instead of trying to play catchup I am just going to start from now. Jason finally got a job with BP and we moved to south Texas about two weeks ago. I have started sending a weekly letter to my family with the goings on of the week and thought i should put it on here as well to keep you all informed too. I promise I wil try to do better about other posts as well but at least you wil get the day to day stuff.

So without further ado... Here is week one!

Kempton Kingdom weekly Update!
OK so since we are far from family and friends I stole this idea from a friend and will
hopefully be doing a weekly letter just to fill you all in on our weekly
Monday – SO after a long, long drive we made it here at about 3:30 got our key (only one since the other one is still in the mail somewhere between here and Tucson) and got in. We started unloading and had the Elders Quorm President show up to help. He lives in the same building as
us so it was easy for him. Then about 5:30 three more guys from the branch showed up to help so it didn’t take us that long to get it all unloaded and in the apartment. Now was the challenge of where to put it. Delaney and Brannick were a big help during all of this but I think we
wore them out a bit.
Tuesday – Today was just about putting things together and unpacking boxes. Nothing exciting.
Wed – I took Brannick and Delaney to Dilly to meet Ida. I think they had fun but were ready to sleep in their own beds! More unpacking! Thursday – we didn’t do a whole lot of anything. We took a drive around town to get used to the area.
Friday – well today we attempted to get our cars registered and drivers license’s changed. To make a long story short, here was our day. Went to dealership for state inspections.
Then went downtown to wait in line 4 times to get all the right forms to get the car registered and new plates. Then went back to the dealership because they left a number out on the VIN for the Land Cruiser and back to downtown then back home for a form we forgot then back downtown and got the LC done. Then to the license place to discover we did not have the right documentation with us for this one too! SO we came home and will try again later. Long day but we got half way done!
Sat- We watched Morning conf and then we went to a Laredo Families Easter Egg Hunt. This is a
group of Law Enforcement families. Not just BP but lots of different types. It was fun and I got to meet two other sisters from the Branch. It was fun and the kids seemed to have a great time!
Sun- we stayed in our PJ’s and watched conference from home. The big message I got was that I
need to focus on my family more! There is so much we can do to help our kids be great!
So there you go a glimpse in the life of the Kemptons! I hope you enjoy these and I hope I can keep up with them. I am excited and a bit scared at the challenges that will be before us adjusting to this very different community! Wish me luck!

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  1. dang it! I wish I had known you sooner, and I could've sent you this that I wrote not long after we moved here about getting your car registered.

    It would've saved you a lot of trouble.

    It's been cool getting to know you through your blog. I like that you have a positive attitude about living here. I hear a lot of negativity from a lot of people, and it's refreshing to see something positive. :)